Oskar The Blind Cat Dies

The celebrated blind cat, Oskar, died yesterday at 11 AM. It is believed that he died of heart failure. He passed away suddenly and there were no indications of health problems. He died in a house filled with love and with a full belly. Nothing could be done for him by his veterinarian.

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Oskar was born blind. He was born on May 5, 2011. He was adopted by Mick and Bethany on July 11, 2011. His eyes never fully developed due to a genetic condition; a severe form of microphthalmia. His life was very full thanks to Mick and Bethany. He lived a normal life and he became famous. His fame kicked off when a video of him was uploaded to YouTube in which he has an interesting reaction to the stream of air ejected from a hairdryer: he played with the air. The video was uploaded in October 2011. It went viral. It was shown on CNN, Countdown with Keith Olbermann and on Ellen. It has received over 3 1/2 million views. It is embedded below.

A subsequent video showing Oskar with his first toys was recorded on his 1st day with Mick and Bethany. It became more popular than the hairdryer video and one the 1st grand prize at “The Friskies” in November 2012.

A Facebook page was opened and it has over 230,000 likes and over 220,000 followers. Quite a star! Oskar’s close friend at home is Klaus. He is a former stray who was adopted by Mick and Bethany in December 2006 from The Cat House in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was about 5-years-of-age at the time. His right ear lies flat because of damage. He has other scars on his body. Once again he landed on his feet and had a really nice life with his companion Oskar in the home of Mick and Bethany.

They have a web shop which you might like to visit. They currently live in Seattle, Washington. They moved from Omaha Nebraska in December 2012.

Oskar, may you rest in peace and thanks for the pleasure you gave millions of people. We should say a very well done to Mick and Bethany who gave him a great life. He shows us that you can have a great life with a disability – what disability?!. It shouldn’t hold you back. It didn’t.

P.S. My thanks to my colleagues on FB for telling me about Oskar’s passing.

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  1. We miss Oskar, but he’s with the Lord and seeing things as he never could in this life. 😻 God bless you, Oskar! See you soon.❤

  2. I was so sad to read that Oskar crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He is a special soul who brought smiles and laughter to many people around the world. :'( Teary eyes. 💜💜🐾


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