Our Cats Love Christmas

Our Cats Love Christmas

by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
(County Durham, England)

It's Christmas for cats too

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It's Christmas for cats too

Our boyz Walter and Jozef have their own cat size Christmas tree every year and cards and presents from us and from other people who love them too.
So far they have 2 cards and 2 presents each (don't tell them but the tall ones are new scratching pads).

We've just been trying to get both, or even one of them, to pose for the photo but cats being cats, they've refused lol.

So we've ended up with a picture of their tree and presents only.

I'd love to hear about everyone elses cats Christmas, do yours get cards and presents? Do they wait until Christmas day to open them? Our boyz new catnip mice never last until the day, they are always unwrapped with great haste.


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Our Cats Love Christmas

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Dec 30, 2009 christmas for cats
by: kathy

MY cat Laia was disapointed for a while because he was not in possession of his own cat bed. We figured since he slept with us that that should be bed enough for him. Not So. The new kitten had a new bed for her use in her cage. One day I took it out for cleaning and Lia made himself at home in it for most of the day. Midnight had a little donught bed that we got for her for christmas because she had taken to sleeping up high on my dresser. Well Li didnt fit very well in it but he insisted on trying. My son was sympathetic towards Li not having his own bed. He loves to sleep on our pillows over our head. I had purchased him a sheep skin which he would only sleep on if it was on top of a pillow. When my son came over one day with a fresh new cat bed for Li he was estatic. If only you could have seen the looks and expressions on his little cat face. He bumped his head on it and rolled around next to it as if to ask if it really was for him. He was extremly grateful for this great Christmas present. He now loves his new bed and only he is allowed in it unless someone else is willing to give up their bed for him. In the evening he will sit and stare at us until we go get it for him to sit or sleep in while we watch TV. I beleive cats do know the spirit of christmas. I know LI was not happy not having a Christmas bed. WE had planned on getting him one for Christmas, but my son beat us to it. He is so happy to see my son now when he comes over.

Dec 20, 2009 Your happy cats
by: Ruth

I think your cats know where they are well off Jane ! They'd never want to leave all the love and attention and treats you give them all year round ,even for their very own Christmas tree lol
Our boyz are very grown up now, they still have their 'mad half hours' but what fun they had as kittens at Christmas with the big tree !
I hate it that some people punish cats just for wanting to enjoy Christmas too.

Dec 20, 2009 Christmas
by: Everycat

I'm having to shield the screen so my four cats can't see the picture of the tree and the presents. They would be deeply jealous and move to your home immediately. They do get presents, this year - new scratch boards, a big bag of dried Valerian Root (to sprinkle on boards, carpets, toys and blankies) and some new ping pong balls.

I haven't put the tree up yet, which is considered the best Christmas present of all by all cats 🙂

Dec 19, 2009 Outed
by: Ruth

Oh noooo, I'm outed !! Well who can resist little furry faces and make them wait for Santa ? Not me lol
If I could I'd make it be Christmas Day every day for all cats everywhere.

Dec 19, 2009 The Christmas fairy strikes again
by: Barbara

What our Ruthie has failed to confess is that she buys the boys Christmas presents then lets them have them straight away, those two scratchers you see wrapped up in the picture are the second ones she has bought! And the catnip mice we got them for Christmas....chewed to bits already. They also got a pound coin each from Ruth's friend, Walter has had his and spent it on some food he loves, Jozef hasn't spent his yet, he's a saver that one 🙂

Dec 18, 2009 Nice
by: Michael

I want to be a cat in your house. Here we have two presents under the tree for them (toys). And they will get that bit more in the way of love and play and some food treats (but not too much for health reasons).

Timmy a stray cat might come in and he will get the same treatment. It is a communist/socialist state in this household. All cats are equal. And all cats are superior to humans!

I think Charlie will like a bit of Turkey but I am going to my sisters so I may have to get some for, say, Boxing Day.

Charlie was feed a lot of human food by my mother so he is quite partial to it.

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