Our New Purrfect Kitty, Charlie

Our New Purrfect Kitty, Charlie

My family rescued a 4 year old cat, named Pamela, renamed Charlie. (Yes, it is a GIRL.)

Full name: Charlotte Marckerella Fluffeldsein.

It’s been only a day or so since we adopted her, but we love her so much. The one sad part of her story is that she was front-declawed by her previous owner.

So when she tries to scratch anything, her paw just slips off. And she doesn’t try to use her back claws. She can climb trees if she wants to or maybe, just maybe, defend herself. But it can’t be as efficient as front claws…

Also she has a cracked canine. We have to take her to a vet, to do something about it.

She is still very nice. Unlike some cats in the shelter, who just start shedding and shedding, Charlie had perfectly nice fur. She did have a bath before she came home, but even before that her fur was very nice.

She must have been trained pretty darn well. All cats who go to the shelter get litter trained, but what she did was that when she first came, she went into the bathroom, checked out the tub, and when she did her stuff, she peed down the drain and… pooped in a place where toilet papers would be in minimal reach.

AND she’s not jumping on tables. She could have, with all the chairs and just the fact she’s a good jumper. Maybe it’s because it’s the first few days but I don’t think she will cause too much trouble with that one.

I wonder who her previous owner (or owners) was. Training her well, then declawing her, and then she somehow ended up in a shelter… whether she was dumped or she ran away.

Whatever happened, she’s our cat now. Can’t ask for more. I’ll upload some pictures if I can.

Hi…. Thanks for visiting and sharing. I am pleased that Charlie has a nice new home.

As you say, it makes you wonder what happened before. And as to declawing, well you know how we feel about that on this website!

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Our New Purrfect Kitty, Charlie

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Jul 27, 2010 thank you. and she used her litterbox!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all…. the pictures, I’ll try to upload it. And she used her litterbox! We moved it to the restroom and now she’s using it.

Jul 27, 2010 thank you. and she used her litterbox!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all…. the pictures, I’ll try to upload it. And she used her litterbox! We moved it to the restroom and now she’s using it.

Jul 20, 2010 Charlotte Marckerella Fluffeldsein
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

It’s only natural to wonder about the history of rescue cats. I do that myself with my shelter princess Snow White. It would be nice to know the background, but as you say, whatever happened, Charlie is your cat now.
The declawing can’t be undone, but at least now she has a good home and some loving humans to take care of her. Good luck with her – hopefully we get to see some pictures too… 🙂

Jul 15, 2010 litterbox
by: Anonymous

Ruth: well… not that we’d ever let her out, of course… hopefully she doesn’t try to run away.
Merrily: in case of someone being in the tub, we decided that she should also know to use the litterbox. Thanks, I’ll try the CatAttract.

Jul 15, 2010 Litter Box Problems
by: Merrily

As you know….many declawed cats seem to have litterbox problems.
The best thing I have found to lure them back to the box is : “Cat Attract” cat litter. I have never known it to fail.

Cat Attract is expensive, however it clumps hard, and lasts forever, so overall it is no more costly than cheap litter.

I have seen it lure the most determined cats back to their boxes, even though they have been less than descriminate in ther litter habits.

Faith and Music give it two thumbs up……with claws!

Jul 15, 2010 Charlie
by: Ruth

Well done you for adopting a declawed cat.
It’s a sad fact that a lot of people get their cat declawed and then don’t want them any more.
It sounds as if Charlie had litter box avoidance which often starts just after that cruel operation as the cats paws hurt too badly to dig in the litter.She probably discovered for herself it didn’t hurt so much to go in the bath !
At a guess I’d say the cruel person who had her declawed didn’t like that,possibly punished her and got a bite for it and then got rid of her as a ‘bad cat’
I don’t know how much you know about declawed cats but many do bite because their first defence,their claws, has been taken from them.
Cats need front claws for defence and shouldn’t really be allowed outside unsupervised as they have no chance against healthy animals and although you say she can climb trees, when cats are threatened, say by a dog, they launch and grab the tree with their front claws. A declawed cat panicking and doing that would fall ….many have been badly injured or killed by dogs that way.
You have a special needs cat.
Poor Charlie can’t ever have her claws back but I’m so glad she is living with someone as kind and understanding as you and your family obviously are.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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