Picture Of A Humongous And Gorgeous Maine Coon

Is she carrying a shaggy medium-to-large dog or a cat? He looks like a large dog for heaven’s sake. And you can’t say the camera angle enlarges the size of the cat in relation to the person. This is genuine and amazing. This is yet another humongous Maine Coon with a beautiful coat. There are some huge Maine Coons in households around America and they are mightily impressive. The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed excepting F1 Savannahs (wild cat hybrids).

Humongous Maine Coon
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Humongous Maine Coon


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  1. Jane Carter says:

    Is this a case of breeding a cat this big just because we can I wonder?

    I hope this huge, handsome puss has a really healthy heart

    Could it be that the human holding the cat is just rather petite?

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