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Picture of Tabby Cat Rescued after Arkansas and Oklahoma Tornadoes April 2014 — 10 Comments

  1. What a poignant picture, the cat safe in the arms of that very kind woman. It must be dreadful to have such severe storms, we moan about our rain in England at times but really we are very lucky here.

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  3. Poor little soul I’m glad she was rescued by this kind lady, and I’m so sorry for the awful ordeal this has ben for so many people.

  4. I am from Arkansas.We were spared this time ,but I did have all my cats and dogs in the house.Actually the cats were wanting in early and that includes my semi feral.She always the first to want in when a storm is coming.Cats are phycic that way.There are so many people wanting to help clean up,they are turning people away.Us Southerners are like that .

  5. I think it has to do with the shape of Africa and Europe along with the flow of air or something. I saw a TV program on the weather of England and was surprised how different it was from our coastal states. You do get some major flooding and rain.

  6. Wonderful.
    So much devestation today.
    Are we all aware that there is a prediction of asteroids slamming the earth tomorrow.
    I never believe these predictions; but, there are such bad vibes associated with all of these worldly destructions.

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