Questions on whether shelters should do background checks on rescues arise after 2 banned from NC shelter

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Once again there’s turmoil in the cat advocacy world, this time coming out of North Carolina. The whole situation brings into question as to whether shelters should do background checks on the rescues who pull cats from them. I’ll be as brief as possible, but will list several links following this article so the …

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Cat Fosterers Suffer When Rescues Crumble

This is one of those articles where I will likely ramble a bit, as it can’t be helped. The fault that causes cat fosterers to suffer as rescues crumble and go under can be traced back to the shelter systems in the United States. And the problems with the shelter systems stem in large …

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Indiana: domestic cat confinement by the backdoor

A kindly woman in Indiana, Karen McClintock was going to a restaurant in Fort Wayne when she spotted a cat outside. The cute, and very friendly cat, came up to her, establishing right away that she was not a feral cat but to all intents and purposes socialised and domesticated. In the Fort Wayne …

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Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control

This is an in-depth article concerning the sad fate of the cats rescued from the home of paedophile Douglas Westcott back in September and how a new initiative to try to end euthanasia of adoptable cats failed to assist them. I covered the initial Westcott story here on PoC. Palm Beach County’s initiative to …

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Houston SPCA offers $5000 reward to find person who burned cats

A little less than a week ago a tip off was received by phone at the Houston SPCA reporting a burned mother cat and her four 8-week-old kittens. According to authorities, this precious family was tortured and doused with some type of acid and left to die in Southwest Houston at an apartment complex. …

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