Picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat

This is a picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat and I find it interesting. You would be forgiven for believing that you were not looking at a cat at all but some strange creature from another planet. The anatomy has an abstract appearance. The Bambino is a hairless dwarf cat, as you might know. The breed was created by mating the foundation dwarf cat, the Munchkin, with the best known hairless cat, the Sphynx. The Sphynx has normal length legs and the Munchkin, of course, has shortened legs but a normal body. So the Bambino is a hybrid, one of about 13 dwarf cat hybrids all based on the Munchkin.

Picture of the forelegs of a Bambino cat, a dwarf hairless cat
Picture of the forelegs of a Bambino cat, a dwarf hairless cat. Photo: Ника Ика.
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I just thought you might be interested in seeing this photograph if you are interested in cat breeds and the dwarf cats in particular. The photograph was taken by Ника Ика, who is also the breeder. I believe that she lives in Russia or if not Russia one of the Russian satellite states as I call them, such as Belarus. I’m not sure because she does not say on Facebook.

It is interesting to that the breeder took this photograph and therefore I have to presume that she found the anatomy interesting as well. She wants to show the world on social media the anatomy of this dwarf cat. That’s fine but if we step back and look at this anatomy objectively and ask what humankind is actually doing we are drawn to the conclusion that we are taking away from the domestic cat all that beautiful anatomy that they are born with. The domestic cat is so beautifully athletic, inherently slender and flexible with great jumping and running skills. Why remove all of that and create anatomy like this; stubby, little bowed legs and a great, flat wrinkly chest? Why? Because it looks interesting and a bit strange and therefore attracts attention?

People should also know that there are at least potentially and probably actually on a substantive number of occasions two health problems concerning dwarf cat which you can read about by clicking on this link. I do not want to dramatise the situation and nor do I want to anthropomorphise domestic cats but we don’t look at people if they suffer from dwarfism with interest and fascination.


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