Picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat

Picture of the forelegs of a Bambino cat, a dwarf hairless cat

This is a picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat and I find it interesting. You would be forgiven for believing that you were not looking at a cat at all but some strange creature from another planet. The anatomy has an abstract appearance. The Bambino is a hairless dwarf cat, …

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Two New Hairless Cat Breeds: SphynxieBob and BamBob

New hairless bobtailed cat breed

A woman in America, April Arguin, has created two new hairless breeds of cat by turning two existing breeds, the Bambino and the Sphynx into cats with no tail (bobtailed). They are hybrids. The Bambino is a dwarf hairless cat. She introduced the gene which removes the tail or shortens it to create the …

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Bambino Cat

Bambino cat

Origin The Bambino Cat is a short legged hairless cat (in fact there is usually a very fine down). The breed was deliberately created by crossing the Sphynx cat and a Munchkin cat. In terms of hairlessness, you can read more by clicking on the link to the Sphynx cat. The Munchkin is the …

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