Kitten feeding station, breast feeder containing milk formula in action plus formula info

Kittens suckle at an artificial feeder

I’ve never seen this device before probably because I don’t breed cats! Bringing cats into the world is a big decision and responsibility. The video is quite nice and interesting. Notice how the kittens’ ears move backwards and forwards in sync. with their sucking. I guess the muscles employed to suck the milk also …

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Looks disgusting! How a Maine Coon breeder makes raw cat food.

Raw cat food for Maine Coons in Russia

The picture, showing the raw ingredients before they are mashed up into a cat food, looks disgusting to me but maybe I am alone in that viewpoint. I don’t know whether this cat food is good or bad. I think it must be good because the cats look great and that must be the …

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AVMA May Vote Against Feeding Raw Meat Diets

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) will be meeting on the first week of August and one of their primary topics may include a vote against feeding raw meat diets. According to this source ( the AVMA Council on Public Health and Veterinary Medicine will create a policy to “discourage the feeding to dogs …

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