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Roe v. Wade: Conservative anti-abortionists criticise free-thinking ‘cat ladies’ — 5 Comments

  1. A lot of us are both pro-life and pro-cat. I support abortion when the life of the mother is endangered. Many, not all, women regret having abortions, even when their circumstances made them feel they had no choice. It is a decision they can never undo but at least some wish they could. I have nothing against cat ladies as I’m the male equivalent, senior and single with a cat. One error about the U.S. Constitution in your description, which is also ubiquitously made by American mainstream news readers (we call them “News Anchors”). The American Constitution is a written document that has been amended a couple of dozen times (it’s not easy to amend) Only these written documents are the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court makes decisions from which there is no judicial appeal,and decides what is “constitutional” until a future Supreme Court or a Constitutional Amendment reverses that decision. The written Constitution, including amendments, are virtually immutable, “written in stone” and not even the Supreme Court can change it. Only the long, involved process of a Constitutional Amendment can alter it one iota. Only this is the American Constitution. The Supreme Court decisions about what is “Constitutional” are mutable, and not “written in stone” and in fact change repeatedly over the decades and centuries. The Supreme has in the past has held that slavery was “constitutional” and that it was “constitutional” for President Franklin Roosevelt to put innocent Japanese-Americans in concentration camps merely because of their ethnic inheritance. Roe vs. Wade was just one Supreme Court decision, a precedent. It’s the law only until it changes. The U.S. Constitution itself has never said anything about abortion one way or the other.

  2. Right-wingers like Matt Gaetz can yuck it up about “over-educated” cat ladies all they want. I have a feeling they won’t be laughing so hard in a post-Roe world in which more and more women choose feline companionship over men because — unlike men — cats will never put women in an unfortunate situation in which an illegal abortion is a consideration.

  3. May 14th is going to shake this country. I hate that our Supreme Court has brought Catholic dogma into the law. Three low down lying dogs under oath claimed Roe was decided law only so they could get on the bench and legislate. I am more hope the dems will keep the house and senate and pick a several new reps and senators. Voters are going to do a abortion on the republicans.

    • You know a lot more than me about Roe v. Wade and the politics behind it. You should write an article on the topic. You just have to bring cats into the conversation 😊.

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