Roe v. Wade: Conservative anti-abortionists criticise free-thinking ‘cat ladies’

Matt Gaetz on Twitter

There is a couple of high-profile pro-life, pro-natal, anti-abortionists in America on social media who have been criticising cat ladies for supporting abortion. One of them is Matt Gaetz. He has 1.4 million Twitter followers and describes himself as a firebrand and happy husband. He puts America first and is a Florida man, he …

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Brooklyn photographer is happy to debunk the way people perceive cat ladies

Woman and their cats

Brooklyn, New York: Brianne Wills has found unexpected success in photographing attractive women with their attractive cat companions in their attractive homes. They certainly present to the world what a lot people would see as atypical cat ladies. But that is because, as Brianne says, a lot of people do have misconceptions about woman …

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Just before Hurricane Dorian landlord evicts 75-year-old woman for having too many cats


Maria Cazanes (also said to be ‘Casanas’) has lived in her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida, for 28 years. She appears to be a frail 75-year-old woman. Her landlord says that she has too many cats. We don’t know how many cats she has as this information has not been reported at the time …

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Pakistani lady feeding feral cats is hated by the educated and praised by the uneducated

Karachi cat lady

‘It’s mostly the uneducated that praise me but all the educated people hate me.’ – says Karachi’s cat woman who has been feeding homeless, hungry kittens and cats, daily, for 17 years. On the one occasion she was too ill to feed them she made arrangements for someone else to do it. She says …

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