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Saudades Mr No Ears – Book Review — 9 Comments

  1. Is sad when people share lies without reading the real information in the right places and believe and share all public manipulations of information, fotos, etc… poor minds…

  2. Thank you for the review. I did not know that Mr No Ears’ story had been published, I will seek it out.

    I followed his story from just before his abduction by that callous couple. Then when the story became so confused and there was a sort of new black out, instigated by his carers, with the intent of ensuring no more harm came to him, that legal proceedings could happen unfettered by internet hysteria. I somehow didn’t pick up the story again.

    I did not know that Mr No Ears had died. Poor puss, he only wanted to be allowed to live his cared for life with his colony. He had a litter brother too, very similar looking but with intact ears and two eyes.

    Those who cared for the colony and still care for that colony and many others, those who wrote the book, deserve huge respect in my view. They certainly achieved the aim of educating people about the need to care for other species who live amongst us.

    Farewell Mr No Ears, you were a very good cat x

    • The book is so full of warmth and his abduction so full of malicious greed. Horrible. It was a clash of two worlds, the good and bad.

  3. I just came across Mr No Ears story very recently and I was deeply touched and moved by his story.I agree with you about Mr No Ears mission. Above all I noticed that he was a strong personality and among other things he taught us to LOVE .

  4. Thank you Michael for your review of the book “Saudades MR NO EARS.” Your words are spot on. For those who did not know Mr. No Ears, this summary
    provides a brilliant understanding of his life. Mr. No Ears was a very happy cat, and well loved around the world. But he is more than just a cat. Mr. No Ears is a special soul who came to earth with a message about the plight of feral cats. His legacy lives on in the hearts of all of us who love, support and protect street and community cats.

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