Current world’s tallest domestic cat (2022) is slightly overweight!

Fenrir is slightly overweight

NEWS AND OPINION: The title of the “world’s tallest domestic cat” is slightly artificial. It doesn’t mean much because the cat is a quadruped, walking on all fours. Their height is not really important. If they were bipedal, tallness would be a more important factor in their appearance and anatomy. The photos are confused …

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The great dilemma with Savannah cats

F1 Savannah cat outside in the countryside

The great dilemma, as I have described, with respect to Savannah cats is that the higher filial variants of this breed need to get out of the house and explore the countryside or whatever else is out there. They are intelligent and active. They tend to escape the confines of their home and if …

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How much do F1 Savannah cats cost?

We are discussing the sale price of first filial (F1) Savannah cats. They are expensive. The price will vary. But a good indication comes from a breeder in the UK who runs and owns Kent Savannahs. His name is Ojars Bluzma. He charges £11,000 for a first-generation (F1) kitten. He breeds about 10 kittens …

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Pet Travel Scheme and Savannah Cats

This page covers the requirements when travelling with a Savannah cat in the EU and the information relates to all wild cat hybrids (see list). There are special rules relating to the Savannah cat in respect of the European (EU) pet travel scheme. This is because the Savannah cat is a wild cat hybrid. …

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