Search is on in Laurens County, SC for the person responsible for injuring cat with a bow and arrow.

The search is on in Laurens County, South Carolina for the person or persons responsible for injuring a cat with a bow and arrow. Please share this article with friends in the Clinton area so the person who did this can be found and held accountable.

Facebook: Laurens County Animal Control
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Laurens County Animal Control posted the following Friday afternoon on their Facebook page

“Need the public help. This afternoon around 4 I was called out to assist the Clinton police with an injured cat. When I arrived there was a cat shot with an arrow through the shoulder blades. This happened in a populated area in Lydia Mill at the United Way office. I’m thinking in the Palmetto Street area. Someone knows who did this and we need your help in finding these cowards.

The photo above is the least graphic of the three posted on the Facebook page. You may view the others at your own risk, as they’re very upsetting. I have added a second:

Cat with arrow through body

Now dubbed “Robin Hood” by the Clinton Animal Hospital staff, this poor kitty is in stable condition. In an update the clinic stated

“The arrow missed all vital organs so he should make a full recovery! He is eating like a pig so that is a great sign.”

Laurens County, SC

Anyone with information is asked to contact Laurens County Animal Control at (864) 984-6812.

This act of animal cruelty is still breaking news and anyone with more information is asked to pass it along in the comment section.

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3 thoughts on “Search is on in Laurens County, SC for the person responsible for injuring cat with a bow and arrow.”

  1. Poor puss, how the hell can any human claim our species is civilised when individuals can commit such atrocity on an innocent being.

    Paws crossed the puss recovers and can live in safety.

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