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Sinister cat deaths highlight the divergent views of residents on wandering cats — 2 Comments

  1. This is only ONE of many reasons why I never allowed Mitzy to be an outdoor cat. As a previous feral, she was used to living outside for the first year of her life. She lived in a fairly safe cul-de-sac, so there were only a few cars from people who lived there.

    But one day a neighbor was walking his two pitpulls, off leash, although this is illegal. My next door neighbor had a sweet indoor/outdoor cat, who happened to be in the front yard at the time. I didn’t witness what happened, but she relayed the horrific and tragic scene that followed. Her cat saw the dogs and started running. The dogs attacked her, and ripped her to shreds. What a traumatic thing to see. I don’t know if any charges were made, since the dog’s owner was a stranger to her.

    Not long after that, my friend came over with his normally docile lab, which he let out of the truck to relieve himself. My landlord had two indoor/outdoor cats, and one was in the front yard at the time. She spotted the dog, and started to run. The dog gave chase, but luckily, she bounded up and over the fence just in time.

    Very shortly after that, my landlord built an enclosure on his back porch, so his cats could be safely outdoors.

    I wish more cat guardians would actually “guard” their precious felines from the many hidden dangers that are part of being allowed outdoors without protection or supervision.

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