Poisoning of San Francisco’s parrots indicates reckless use of bromethalin affecting cats and other animals

Parrots of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

This story is about parrots in San Francisco being poisoned over very many years. However, the story is much wider than that because researchers don’t know where or how the parrots are ingesting bromethalin, a rat poison, and therefore its … please continue reading

Carpet chemical damages sperm’s DNA so what does it do to our cats?

DEHP damages sperm?!

I’m back on my high horse about carpet chemicals. I believe that they are very important and overlooked. However, fortunately, a recent research study published in Scientific Reports has found that environmental chemicals in our homes, one of which is … please continue reading

Xylitol can prove fatal to pets and is in creamy desserts like sugar-free pudding, pie filling, and yogurt

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar that can be found in fruits and vegetables and can prove fatal to pets. It can also be found in creamy desserts like sugar-free pudding, pie filling, and yogurt. Peanut butter is often what … please continue reading