Person responsible for a string of “inhumane” cat and raccoon deaths in Vancouver could face animal cruelty charges

Vancouver, Washington animal control officers reported the person responsible for a string of “inhumane” cat and raccoon deaths could face animal cruelty charges, Clark County Animal Control Manager Susan Anderson told Fox12 News November 5. Anderson stated in an interview … please continue reading

Australian cutting-edge program to poison feral cats could kill pet dogs too

Felixer being put down

This is described as a cutting-edge program to kill feral cats in Australia. You put a machine, the ‘Felixer’, on the ground in a well selected site and it squirts a specific amount of a poison (1080) onto the cat’s … please continue reading

A Whole Colony of Fixed Cats Allegedly Poisoned

Colony of feral cats allegedly poisoned

It appears that a whole colony of spayed and neutered cats in Orlando, Florida, USA has been poisoned by somebody and the colony caretakers need funding in order to carry out toxicology tests on the dead cats and if possible to prosecute the case as a crime under the animal welfare laws of Florida. please continue reading