South Carolina judge hands down “slap on the wrist” sentence to woman who allowed her pets to starve to death

This is a story that will absolutely infuriate anyone who has a heart and soul. It involves three dogs and a cat who were starved to death, purposely, by their owner, who resides in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Yes, the state has some of the least enforced and worst judges in the country.

Cassandra Haslam stopped feeding her pets: they DIED!

This explanation from animal advocate Darlene Nelson posted on Facebook: Abuse trial for Cassandra Haslam explains it best.

“To all our animal rights warriors. There will be a case of animal torture being heard in Spartanburg Magistrate Court Monday, February 27th. This woman starved 3 dogs and a cat to death..and for the year before these pets lived in a mobile home in their own urine and poop never allowed out to smell fresh air..on October 14th, 2016 I reported this to Animal Control…She was given a small fine for not having them vaccinated and given 3 months to fix their living conditions. In December I asked Animal Control why they weren’t helping these animals and was told they were doing all they could within the law…at the end of December I found out she was no longer coming to feed them. And again I alerted Animal Control of what I knew and was told they would be out as soon as they could get a warrant..They didn’t get it in time… . .”

On February 27, 2017, in a Spartanburg court, Judge Turner gave Cassie Haslam community service, a small fine, and sent her to a class for allowing her dogs and cat to starve to death. Unless she fails to complete the intervention class program, the case is closed! This sentence is a pathetic joke handed down by someone sworn to uphold the law, and the last I heard, it’s illegal to starve an animal to death.

Why even bother to tell people to report cases of abuse if Animal Control is going to twiddle their thumbs and wait until it’s far too late to intervene. This isn’t the first time this type of abuse has occurred and it won’t be the last. Giving an animal owner three months to fix living conditions is far too long. Just how long do they think it takes an animal to die in their own filth? There have been MANY cases in Upstate South Carolina where reports are called in, AC goes out and does NOTHING, even though the animal is skin and bones.

I just wanted to make the public aware of the “great” job our county officials are doing in protecting the animals in our community. If you truly want to help, contact state representatives and county council members. Attend county council meetings where you live. And for God’s sake, don’t depend on the Sheriff’s Department or Animal Control to save a life. You’d spend your time more wisely arranging a doggy or kitty kidnapping (which happens more often than you’d think).

Before you blame the parents for how Ms. Haslam was raised, a relative stepped forward and stated she was raised to care about animals, not abuse them. That her mother is an avid animal lover and would never condone these atrocities. ‘

Readers, this is NOT how the majority of South Carolina residents want to see animals treated. A few bad judges and even more bad owners have put the state on the map as one of the worst in the country in animal welfare. Of course, it’s easy to get away with animals being killed when the perpertrator knows they’ll only get a slap on the wrist.

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South Carolina judge hands down “slap on the wrist” sentence to woman who allowed her pets to starve to death — 24 Comments

  1. I can assure you that she wrongfully accused. She has been living with me and I have not seen anyone more lovable to animals and old people like this young lady.. Unfortunately, she has an aunt and uncle who will do anything to damage her reputation as well as put this young lady in jail to inherit money. There is more to the story. Only the Lord knows what this poor human being been through. He also sees the inside of the person who wrote this article and why she hasn’t stop harming this child.

    • Luz, thanks for commenting. Would you like to write the alternative story for this website? If so please leave it in a comment and I’ll convert it to an article.

    • I would love to hear her side as well. From what I’m understanding you’re saying it was a lie and no cats or dogs were starved to death. If this is all untrue then why did it even go to court if there’s no evidence? Please explain.

      • There was evidence and the Judge saw the pictures that the animal control officer took. Didn’t matter because animals don’t matter in the eye’s of the law. I have the pictures as well.

    • Luz Franco you don’t have a clue who Cassie is. There was no money to inherit she drained her Grandmothers bank acct of 12,000 dollars the 6 months before her Grandmother passed away. She was given 3 months to save these animals. Whatever universe you live in it is never ok to know you have 4 dogs and 2 cats in a home you no longer live in and just stop feeding them.If you would like to see the pictures of how much she loved these pets I would be glad to show you. I offered to help with the pets but being the POS that she is she refused to let me help. I have known her all her life and she takes no responsibility for any of the crap she has done. Grandma protected her all her life. Now Grandma and her money are gone. She will be using whomever she can to support her habit. If I were you I would lock all my valuables in a safe place.

  2. There should be a national CANNOT ADOPT website for ALL to go on and look for people’s names!!! How truly truly sad for these defenseless fur babies who depended on her to live😢 She could’ve contacted SPCA or a shelter if she was having a hard time. This is hideous and a huge injustice that screams that these poor babies lives didn’t mean anything. Dear judge…. these were living breathing beings..not objects… a life is a life. I really wished an eye for an eye punishment existed, maybe more people would think.

  3. Abuse & torture and murder Animals future serial killers & child molester & women abuser all need to be lock away forever 😠

  4. How about we take the woman, her attorney(?) and the judge and treat them as she treated the animals in her care! And do the same for all abusers and those who support and defend what is an indefensible crime.

  5. What happened to this woman? How could she knowingly starve these animals to death? The cruelty of it. There has to be something wrong with her.

    • Does it matter. An adult knows better. The second you give people like this the stage they’ll sell you a gallon of snake oil.

      • She’ll come up with an excuse. They always do. I’ve chatted with rescue ladies who were caught hoarding and they say “no, I didn’t have dead cats in my yard or in my house.” Delusional, all of them.

    • Michael, I am the one who called animal control in Oct..This POS woman is my niece..Her problem is that she has never had to answer to anyone for her actions her whole life…She inherited a half million when she turned 18 and spent it in 6 owes the IRS thousands which they don’t seem to care about…she lost her Mom in 2014,not that she really cared about anyone other than herself..I knew for a long time that she was abusing pain killers..but when she lost all that money I discovered she was stealing her grandmothers pain pills and her money..I stepped in to stop her…this is when I discovered the abuse of her animals..I do wish I had broke the law and stole the animals but I thought the treat of having them taken away would wake her up…You can’t help a drug addict until they can admit they are a drug addict.

  6. Almost without exception every crime is mitigated though plea deals between attorney. Many crimes are not even reflected in the plea. Both humans and animals victims are once again abused through this process.
    Where I live it’s common to drop charges if the abusive owner surrenders the pet or livestock. Add to this many judges are loath to send someone to prison for animal abuse when the defense is pleading this will cause undo hardship on family and children. So what is happening is a great deal of consideration for the criminal/abuser and little to none for the victims.
    With no criminal record or charges reduced to where the actual crime is not mentioned animal abusers are free to replenish their supply of helpless victims.
    Either we want to lock up bad people for their crimes regardless of sympathy pandering attorneys and weeping women or men with small children in their arms or we don’t until then these monsters will continue to play the system.

  7. I say steal the animal involved and rehome it out of the county ASAP. Because the laws we have on the books aren’t being enforced. Wait til you read what I’ll be writing Saturday evening. Another case. It gets worse. It’s called “postpone the case until people don’t give a shit and let the abusers walk”

    • I love to read the anger in you voice. I have the same anger. It is the injustice. Humans don’t care enough about animals and it is not the average citizen but the authorities, those in positions of power and responsibility who don’t care enough about animal welfare. Disgraceful.

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