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Reward currently at $28,000+ after cruelly tortured Utah cat succumbed to his injuries — 14 Comments

  1. Is there anything new on this case? This has troubled me for all these months, and I cannot believe that someone has not come forward to collect that reward. I simply cannot believe it.

    • This case had been rumbling on for about a year and you may know that at the moment a private detective has stepped up to the plate on the instructions of a Facebook group seeking justice in this matter. It has gone quiet for a while now. There were two other cats that have been tortured as well in the district so it seems that there is a serial Killer out there in the area but we are none the wiser regarding names and a prosecution does not seem to be on the horizon. Thanks Carol.

  2. So what is the current status of this case? With a reward that great, I can scarcely believe someone has not been turned in yet.

    • This case is languishing in the mire. No one took the reward. The police have abandoned it and a private investigator is messing around. So far no one has been caught and DNA tests are being carried out on Sage’s collar. People sort of know who might have done it but have no proof.

      • Incredible! I pray that even two viable human cells appear on the collar. But then, I assume there would have to be DNA belonging to the monster already in a database… unless a judge could order a DNA test performed on the person of interest.

        Because there is “no honor among thieves”, I pray whoever knows who committed this horrific act opts for the hefty reward.

        • Yes, we hope the monster is on the police database or they can take DNA from the suspect who I believe lived in the house where Sage was tortured.

  3. My daughter thinks it’s a teen boy who got ahold of his mom’s glue gun. We’ll hear about him once he kills someone.

      • I’m very sure my phone messenger will go ping ping ping ping ping once an arrest is made. I’ll be keeping an eye out, especially since I won’t be sleeping much for the next week or so with this tough work schedule.

  4. Sad Sad & Sadistic____
    What monsters these abusers are. I also believe as does Julie_that poor little Sage could not have traveled very far at all from the evil culprits in his severe condition, and I hope they hang for the horrible cruelty they inflicted on him.

    Eva- {Oh yes I hope they hang from the nearest available tree}

  5. My apologies for writing this one so fast but I wanted to get the word out about the reward and give everyone time to share. Sometimes a fast posting is more important than skilled writing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the reward hit $50,000 before the weekend is out.

  6. This is heartbreaking and so horribly cruel. I was praying for Sage yesterday, shortly after I read about this on Joe the Cat’s page.
    Sadly, Sage did not make it. I hope that they find and prosecute whoever committed this crime, to he fullest extent. Prayers for Sage and his family.

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