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  1. I am an old friend of Jeannie Johnson from when she lived on Cape Cod Mass, I believe I read elsewhere on the internet that she passed away. The text below if from Wikipedia.

    “Despite this set-back, Jeannie Johnson continued by getting the “Sterling” accepted by the International Cat Exhibitors (ICE) for championship status in 1998. The breed had its own registry under the International Sterling Society. However, not many breeders of chinchilla Persian elected to switch over from the existing Persian standard to the new Sterling standard. Mrs Johnson died in 2006 before she could get wider buy-in for the breed. Due to lack of support, this Sterling breed does not exist anymore.”

    She was my first girlfriend and a very nice person

  2. I knew Jeannie Johnson when I lived in Florida. I had a Shaded silver persian female at the time and I took her down to Jeannie’s cattery two times to breed her to her stud cat. We had four kittens the first time and two the second time. Silvers have very small litters four is considered a large litter. Jeannie belived that the breed should stay true ot the british show standard with a short but not pugged nose. I beleive this is why the cat associations alowed them to be a class by themselves. Although I still don’t see much of a change in that practice of breeding for pug faces in the show rings to this day. I still have a chincilla persian and a shaded silver persian. I have often wondered what ever happened to Jeannies cattery. I still have her business card.

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