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  1. Thanks for your help with the silver tabby kittens. I just now checked my e-mail. I am going to follow up on the names you gave me., Rosemary in KY

  2. I want to buy a silver American shorthair kitten just for a pet not show. I live in Kentucky. Could you send me the names of some breaders in or close to ky.

    • Here are 2 in Illinois (there are no breeders in KY as far as I can tell). Diane Rogers breeds Classic Silver Tabbies.

      1. Diane Rogers—Illinois, USA
      Cattery: SASH
      I only breed Classic Silver Tabbies. I have had many regional and national winners, but more importantly my cats are known for their gentleness, fun loving and easy going personalities. My males are big, beautiful and can be cradled like babies; the queens have all been excellent mothers and are very affectionate with their kittens as well as with us. When old enough the kittens are allowed out of the kitten room and have the run of the house. We also have 3 dogs, so all the cats are used to the commotion dogs can make. All cat/kittens leaving my home are already spayed or neutered or a time will be set on the contract to have this done. This is for their health and your happiness with your new pet. Please call or email me and I will be glad to discuss why one of my Americans would make a wonderful addition to your family.
      American Shorthair
      2. Barbara Shelton—Illinois, USA
      Cattery: BACASH
      Been breeding and showing classic silver tabbies and rarely blue tabbies since 2000.
      American Shorthair

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  4. One of my companions is an alleged American Shorthair . I say “alleged” , as his physique and activities seem to be at odds with the sedate lifestyle associated with this breed (and its relative , the Brit). To wit :
    – His body is stocky and cobby ;
    – ears are thick-skinned ,and are short and rounded ;
    – Big , but slightly Almond-shaped eyes ;
    – Thick , tapered tail ;
    – Plush , dense , soft coat ;
    – rounded Muzzle , with the “smile” ;
    – very , very dog-like (has to be around some-one at all times);
    – quite the athlete (complete with an audible “grumph” when he lands after jumping-off some-thing).

    What’s your opinion ? I realise that you ostensibly can’t see him as I’ve not provided any photos ; however , my description of him is spot-on.

    Thanks !

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