Lessons in Feral Cat Care From Pakistan

By Ahsan ul Haq in Pakistan (Caretaker of Feral Cats and Kittens) Fifty Fifty (My abandoned now 6 months old kitten) A humble request: please share my articles as much as possible to your Facebook, thanking you all in this anticipation. One night when my wife and I were just coming out of our …

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It is not cats who are FERAL. Our attitude is FERAL towards them

By Ahsan ul Huq in Pakistan In 2006, when I decided to feed the feral cats of my area, I had no knowledge about the needs or psychologies of these feral cats. I felt like a kind/gentle-hearted person towards them but when I surfed the internet, I got much more knowledge about the psychologies …

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Pakistan: Ahsan ul Haq – caretaker of a colony of feral cats

By Ahsan ul Haq I am a caretaker of a colony of 21 feral cats and a few of their kittens. I have gone through a terrible experience with 4 abandon kittens and out of which only one is left. One kitten killed by neighbor, one by another. A third ran away with fear which …

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