Woman Stole White Persian Rescue Cat From Shelter Because He Was Reserved


‘Snow’ is a white, male, unneutered flat-faced Persian cat and he was at a Harlem Animal Shelter. He was very popular and desirable. More than one person wanted to adopted him. Someone got there first and had effectively reserved him. He had to be neutered and processed before he could be taken from the …

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Queen cat Matahari and her kitten Matata

by Rudolph.A.Furtado (Mumbai) Queen cat “Matahari” with her kitten “Matata” – Wednesday 10-6-2009 Two year old doll-faced Persian Queen cat Matahari and her 73 days old kitten “Matata” at home in Mumbai. There has been a tremendous change in the physiology as well as temperament of cat Matahari after delivery and weaning of her …

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