Taurine could be an elixir of life within us (infographic)

Taurine decreases with age. Does its loss drive aging or is the loss a consequence of aging?
Taurine decreases with age. Does its loss drive aging or is the loss a consequence of aging? To be investigated. However, replacing the lost taurine metabolites improves health and longevity it seems which makes the idea of taurine supplements for elderly people a good idea. This infographic is free to use under an unconditional Creative Commons license. Click on it to see the original size and download it by right clicking on the image.
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My advice: if you are an older person, visit Amazon and buy a tub of taurine pills (about £8) 😉😻 . This advice is based on a study which seems to have a clear, clean conclusion: when you are older you need a taurine supplement as the body no longer creates it and it reduces inflammation and extends lifespan. Sounds like the elixir of life 😃. Although they are not saying that they have proved causation between higher taurine levels and better health. They just see an association between a boosted taurine level in the participating individuals and improved health.

Studies have shown that individuals with elevated taurine levels tend to be healthier, exhibiting fewer instances of type 2 diabetes, reduced obesity rates, and diminished inflammation levels.

Taurine is important for cats too (see section below). In fact cats are like humans in this respect; they, too, need taurine supplements built into their cat food as they can’t create taurine but this problem occurs throughout their lives.

Further studies on the importance of taurine for people are needed to clarity if the loss of taurine drives the aging process. Might the loss of taurine be a contributing factor in the relatively short lives of some cat breeds?

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Study citation: Parminder Singh et al. , Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging.Science380,eabn9257(2023).DOI:10.1126/science.abn925

A reminder: taurine is important for domestic cat health

Taurine is essential for domestic cats due to its critical roles in their health and well-being. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Vision: Taurine is crucial for maintaining healthy retinas and preventing vision problems. Cats that lack taurine can develop retinal degeneration and even blindness.
  2. Heart Function: Taurine supports proper heart function by regulating electrical impulses and preventing arrhythmias. Cats deficient in taurine may suffer from heart issues.
  3. Reproduction: Taurine is necessary for normal reproduction in cats. It affects fetal development and helps prevent birth defects.
  4. Immune System: Taurine supports the immune system, helping cats fight infections and diseases.
  5. Digestion: Taurine aids in bile acid formation, which is essential for fat digestion and nutrient absorption.
  6. Growth and Development: Kittens require taurine for healthy growth and development.

Since cats cannot synthesize enough taurine on their own, they must obtain it from their diet. High-quality cat food contains sufficient taurine to meet their needs.

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