Japanese scientist invents an injection to prevent kidney disease in cats

Dr. Toru Miyazaki has invented an injection that helps the kidneys flush out toxins to reduce incidence of kidney disease in cats. I might be available in 2025

The title has simplified the story but it summarises it. A Japanese scientist, Doctor Toru Miyazaki, an immunology specialist at the University of Tokyo, has invented an injection which can be given to cats to extend their life by helping to prevent kidney disease. How does it work? For many years, he’s been working …

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Zoo wild cats recognise familiar human voices but in the wild they are terrified of them

Captive wild cat species can recognise familiar human voices which is no surprise to domestic cat caregivers

A recent study has been published on how “exotic cats” in zoos can discriminate between the voices of familiar and unfamiliar people. The cats were a group of different species of wild cat in different zoos, specifically the cheetah, clouded leopard, puma, fishing cat, Canada lynx, lion, sand cat, serval, snow leopard and tiger. …

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Cancer In Cats | Insights From Scientific Research

Cancer In Cats Insights From Scientific Research

Cats, just like humans and any other animal, can have cancer during their lifetime. Molecularly speaking, cancer in cats develops because something within a single cell of their body went wrong. This is often a change in the cell’s DNA, or a change that affects how well a cell can grow and divide. Once …

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The inscrutable expressionless domestic cat has 276 facial expressions!

Happy cat

You may be one of those people – there are many – who think that the domestic cat is independent, aloof and almost expressionless. This much admired companion animal does not give much away in facial expressions because they can’t allow themselves to as a survival instinct. However, a recent study revealed that domestic …

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Silvervine is non-addictive and safe for cats to enjoy

Cat reacts to silvervine

Until a recent study was published by a group of Japanese researchers led by biochemistry Professor Masao Miyazaki of Iwate University’s Faculty of Agriculture, there was no hard evidence that silvervine (matatabi) was safe and non-addictive to domestic cats. Although the general consensus was that it is a safe and a mild hallucinogenic which …

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Can cats be gay? Can male cats be gay?

Can cats be gay like humans? No.

People ask Google for an answer to the above couple of questions and today, in The Times, we have an article reporting on a study into “gay behaviour” of non-human animals which I think will help answer them. The research is published in the journal Nature Communications. Same-sex sexual interactions can serve to form …

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New research into the domestic cat tabby pattern does not fully explain how the pattern is created

Cat embryo developing its coat pattern thanks to the Dkk4 gene

The news media is having a field day in declaring to the world that we now know how tabby cats get their stripes. And they give thanks to the team of scientists at the Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama, USA who conducted the research. I am sure, like me, the science journalists …

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