Will lab-grown meat be available for pets in the near future?

Lab-grown meat to feed pets at £1 a 150g can

Certainly! Lab-grown meat has made significant strides, and it’s not just for humans. Our furry companions are also getting a taste of this futuristic cuisine. Here’s the scoop: So, your pets might soon enjoy lab-grown meat, contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate future! 🐾🌱. In the UK it takes two years to get new lab-cultivated …

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Japanese scientist invents an injection to prevent kidney disease in cats

Dr. Toru Miyazaki has invented an injection that helps the kidneys flush out toxins to reduce incidence of kidney disease in cats. I might be available in 2025

The title has simplified the story but it summarises it. A Japanese scientist, Doctor Toru Miyazaki, an immunology specialist at the University of Tokyo, has invented an injection which can be given to cats to extend their life by helping to prevent kidney disease. How does it work? For many years, he’s been working …

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Assessment of cat behaviour during a cat show tells us that they are habituated to them

Cat at a cat show. The picture was created by AI's DALL E 3. The cat is a ginger tabby glamorous household pet as the cat fancy calls non-purebreds

In general cat show cats are habituated to the noise and unfamiliar people. There’s a study out online entitled “Assessment of cats’ behaviour during a cat show“. The scientits came to the conclusion that “the cat show environment represents a situation full of stressful stimuli for the cat; despite this, our results have identified …

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3D-printed T-bone steaks “food to data and data to food”

Patxi Larumbe has created a 3D-printed T-bone steak from butchers' offcuts at the slaughterhouse and he believes that it will "solve many of the world's food problems" and there is interest from a big American food giant in the process.

Patxi Larumbe was inspired by Star Trek to create a T-bone steak from discarded butchers’ offcuts using a 3D printer. He believes that the process which is described as “food to data and data to food” will “solve many of the world’s food problems”. The Times reporter says that the taste and appearance is …

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Can cats make eczema worse for children or increase the chance of getting it?

Parents should exercise caution when adopting a cat if they are allergic to cats and they are planning a family as it may trigger eczema in their new child.

This is a technical topic. There are a number of studies but it is hard to find black-and-white clear-cut answers which makes it tricky to write about this topic. And I guess it can make it difficult for parents to decide whether to adopt a cat if their child has eczema or they are …

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If cats had opposable thumbs, they wouldn’t be cats!

If cats had evolved to have opposable thumbs they wouldn't be cats!

There is a brilliantly funny ad for Cravendale milk which was very successful, in which domestic cats rebelled against the human because he wouldn’t give them milk. All the rebellious cats had opposable thumbs and they behaved like humans. And that’s the point if you want to be serious about it. The cats became …

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