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The life of cats on the streets of Montenegro — 17 Comments

  1. I admire the hard work of this lady especially the strength she has to deal with people which are completely disconnected from animals..
    I love this country and knowing what is happening behind the curtains,with these amazing animals,for me as a tourist is very off putting!I am in Montenegro now and Im fedding the cat with her 3 kittens and I’m hoping that a little good deed box (with cat food amd some peronal note)that I’m planning to leave behind,for the next occupier, will help and give them a bigger chance for survival if passed on to next one,and next one and next one..


    • Well done Miriam. I admire you for you helping the cat and her kittens. Thanks for commenting. I have never been to Montenegro. Why do you love the country?

      • It’s the beauty of this country what stole my heart.Perfect weather,food,Adriatic sea..I was born in Slovakia (most of my adulthood I lived and still live in uk)and as a child I used to visit former Yugoslavia quite often.Its culture and often mentality is in a way similar to the country from where I come from.Very different but also very similar?
        People here live in poverty with a political challenges coming from past and on going struggle to live in democracy after the communism.I think,from my experience people here are warm hearted and generouse.But its almost like,when it comes to animal welfare,there is no space in their lifes or hearts for compassion..How do u change that i dont know but hopefully thanks to people’s individual work,and sharing their hard work on social websites will raise awarness and little by little it will save one little soul after another.

  2. A wonderful lady. There are many unsung heros/heroines in the feral cat world, not least our very own Dee and Ahsan here. I admire anyone working hard to make the life of ferals better and safer for them.

  3. Thanks so much for this article. I first saw Alexandra’s posts on her @catsMNE Twitter account. I’ve been tweeting as much as I can for her since. Search Montenegro stray cats to see some links and info and if anyone reading this is on Twitter, please start following and tweeting and retweeting for her. Not only does this support her efforts in Montenegro but reminds everyone of the worldwide needs to humanely address pet overpopulation. By the way Montenegro has three USA sister cities: West Palm Beach sister to Budva, Santa Barbara sister to Kotor and Rochester Hills Michigan sister to Tuz. So if you live in or near these places please encourage the sister organizations to start sharing information with Montenegro on programs like trap neuter return. PS: Montenegro has a cat museum and the country is shaped like a cat. Now they need humane programs to help the cats and encourage cat lover tourism.

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting and of course promoting Alexandra’s work. I would like her to receive help. It is a bit too much to do this “work” in a tricky environment. I mean it can be demotivating if the problem of street cats and their welfare is not being resolved.

  4. Wow, she Does an Amazing Job. Thats incredibe. The Cats are Beautiful. Wow. I Kinda got Lost just looking at that Map. I guess just like any Majar City Over in Europe or Even America how easy it is to get lost when u come from a Small Country. Totally amazing the work she has done. It is amazing that they have no animal Laws and that People are Hated for Cats. I have someone living here for a week, thats not entirely agreeable to Cats as she has a dog, She Tolerates them, Doesn’t like them on Table etc. Which i know people are funny like that. So I have to make sure they are looked after as Im sure they probably thinking what’s happened. Ozzie though I think is trying to say even though he knows she not a Cat Person by laying on her Bed. She was worried he would scratch her which I said no he wont he just lay on the bed. Anyway a wonderful article just makes u see there is always someone around the world doing amazing work with Cats. I think it be great if we could help her in some ways. SHe does take amazing photos too.

  5. This beautifully written article should be spread far and wide to alert cat lovers to the wonderful work of Alexandra and the street cats she helps.

    If Montenegro wants to be in the EU it is going to have to attend to the welfare standards laid down the Animal Welfare Directive 2007.

    I wonder if Alexandra would consider setting up a Gofundme or Justgiving account so people could send donations?

    People like Alexandra are real stars, I am in awe of her strength and perseverance under the adversity of living in a place where people don’t regard animals well.

    More power to you Alexandra!

    Michael, thank you for giving these poor cats and their lone champion some much needed exposure. I hope that other readers will spread the link to this, far and wide.

    I see that she is now selling her book online


    This is her main source of funding now, and judging by her beautiful photography, it will be an excellent book!


    • Thanks Elizabeth. It is essential that people like Alexandra receive recognition for their work and support. It is also essential that the EU imposes strict conditions on EU candidates. At present I don’t see enough focus on that by EU officials.

      People like Alexandra are awesome people. They are great people, far more important than politicians and celebrities who are high profile.

      Any future comment you make will be published immediately without moderation. Thanks for commenting.

    • Wow Elizabeth this is Wonderful, I got this Book earlier this Year after wanting to take Better Cat Photos. I Have it on my Kindle. It’s great to make an Connection with Author as, well as here on Poc and the work she does. Her Cats are amazing. We must be able to set up something like that. I recommend to everyone its a well worth it book esp if learning to take better photos of their Cats and its a great fundraising thing. Anything to help the Poor Cats has got to be a great thing.

  6. So wonderful of her.

    So amazing that so many of us from so many different places face the same challenges from cat haters.

      • I believe so, with no animal welfare laws at all.
        I would imagine that there are many more cat haters there than here.
        Best of luck to her.

        • It amazes me how backward thinking countries are in respect of animal welfare which are on the doorstep of Europe. Then when they join they struggle to integrate and there is a big culture clash.

          • Same here. So much struggle and hard not to say, “You wanted here, conform!”

            I think of “Little Italy”, China Town”, “Little Mexico” (so very much here where I am).
            How about big America?

            But, I think eventually there is some settling. Not always perfect when it comes to cat welfare though. Much hatred among the Mexican community.
            Cubans have integrated well though.

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