Amazing and heartwarming before and after pictures of a rescued cat

This is a "before and after" montage of a cat that was rescued from the street and then looked after. You can see the stark difference

I do not think that you will see a better before and after couple of pictures of a cat that was rescued from the street and then adopted by the rescuer. These events happen sometimes and as we can see in this montage, the cat was in a terribly messy way which must have …

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Feral cat feeders versus senior citizens over the cats in a park in Mumbai, India

Feral cats of park in Mumbai - Maheshwari Udyan

MUMBAI, INDIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: The police based at Matunga Police Station have told the senior citizens who use a beautiful park called Maheshwari Udyan that they cannot have the feral cats in that park relocated out of the park. The senior citizens who use this park, which is under a flyover, say that the …

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Blinded by battle, beat up male street cat finds a home

Floyd Mayweather in cage

NEW JERSEY, USA: A battle-scarred, blind street cat has been given a home. This chonky male tabby has been renamed Floyd Mayweather after the boxer by his forever human companion and caregiver. He has found warmth and love in stark contrast to his life on the street where he became blind due to constant …

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Pictures of a recently adopted chonky, beat up street cat

Picture of an adopted chonky street cat

Like a lot of people, I love to see pictures of beat up street cats, with an expression which tells us they are mentally bruised, at last enjoying the emotional and physical warmth of a new, forever home after being adopted by kindhearted people. There’s nothing better. They need love in their lives and …

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Egypt: young street cat wants to make friends with a nurse on his tea break

Egypt - young Egyptian street cat goes up to nurse on break and makes instant friends

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): A trainee male nurse working at an Egyptian hospital was taking a much needed break outside the hospital after a 12-hour continuous shift which he had been subjected to for the last 20 days. The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on medics. The guy’s name is Ahmed Flaty. …

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She can’t hear or speak. She cleans the streets of Chennai, India. She feeds and talks to the stray cats and dogs.


This is the kind of woman for whom I have so much admiration. Her name is Rita akka (elder sister). She is inspirational despite being unable to hear or speak and despite having the hardest and the lowliest of jobs. And despite being alone because her husband has died and her daughter, 17, has …

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Supermodel flies her 7 rescue cats from Mumbai to London

Top model flies her seven rescue cats from Mumbai to London

It’s nice to see a top model and general all-round celebrity committed to cat rescue. I am referring to Elena Fernandes, 32, who describes herself as: …a supermodel, influencer, actress and philanthropist. Born in London to a Peruvian Mother and Indian Father, Elena resides in London and works out of London, Dubai, Mumbai and …

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The death, by dogs, of my neighbor’s cat should have been avoided

Dogs killed cat

Intro: this story is about keeping cats inside the home while making the home stimulating for inside cats. BY KASS My neighbors had a very street savvy kitty who always wanted to be outside. Callie would make her rounds to all her neighborhood friends and be back by 9:30 to be let in. Unfortunately …

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