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The lion cut: no, it’s not cruel — 5 Comments

  1. Best thing ever happened to my cat. This cat came to live with me, because she was throwing up all over the house and aggressive when touched. She was losing weight. Previous owner’s vet had tried many different foods that didn’t work. I noticed the cat had many mats. I took her for a lion cut for which my vet needed to put her to sleep. Afterwards, the cat clearly wasn’t pleased. However, she stopped throwing up — entirely! And she started putting on weight. And she enjoyed being petted. She still bites if I try to groom her. So every other summer, I take her for a lion cut. It improves her health and well-being tremendously! I highly recommend an occasional lion cut for long-haired cats.

  2. I had a long haired cat. It was my girlfriend’s first; she didn’t take good care of her, so I did. She took her to get shaved in the summers instead of brushing her. When I took over care of her I didn’t have to get her shaved… if you spend time doing it right it’s a delight for both you and your cat. It’s fun. I do remember that Allie liked the lion cut, and we loved petting her when she was sporting just her soft underlying fur.

  3. My 10 year old freak Long hair Persian cat “Matata” just hates being groomed and turns aggressive and hence his fur tends to get knotted requiring frequent clipping.He has excellent fur coat and is a total freak of the Persian breed in temperament akin to a wild cat and has also never ever been taken to a vet since his inoculation as a kitten 10 years ago.

  4. That is an interesting take on the long hair cats. Indeed, some species such as those in the far North or far South of the planet need longer hair. The rest do not.

    We do need restrictions on breeding, esp for hybrids and those with pug noses.

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