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  1. PoC made a £20 donation to the Chelmsford branch of Cats Protection (Sarah’s local branch, were she has worked) as a thank you to Sarah. Here is the confirmatory email:

    Dear Mr Broad,

    Thank you very much for making a One Off Payment of £20.00 to Chelmsford & District Adoption Centre; your generosity will allow us to help cat after cat!

    Please check your Gift Aid status below. If you wish to change your status, please contact us.

    Your donation details:
    Reference Number: 15220
    Donation Amount: £20.00
    Gift Aid: No
    Best Regards,

    Cats Protection

    • Michael speaking of donations – Ralph is doing well last I heard, here’s a couple paragraphs and a pic:

      Ralph is doing a little better since the surgery! She didn’t eat much for a few days. She stopped eating wet cat food, and Pam had to buy some chicken baby food and thankfully Ralph ate that. Slowly, Ralph has begun eating wet cat food again and today she even had a few kibbles mixed in with her wet food. She is finished taking the syringes of liquid medication, but is still taking antibiotic pills every day for a few more days. We have not donated the extra money yet, and we will wait for another couple of weeks to be sure that Ralph heals and does not need further vet attention. Once the extra money is donated to Pet Save, I will post an announcement with the exact amount and hopefully a photo of us donating it! Stayed tuned for more updates about Ralph. The first couple days after surgery were a bit rocky, but she is already eating so much better. Let’s hope this progress keeps up! Thanks everyone!

      • It warms my heart to read it. It is thanks to you. A genuine act of unconditional kindness and generosity. Just one cat feeling better. Good, though, isn’t it? It is what life is all about.

    • The orange fur cascading down the back is awesome. I’d like to know more too! 😉 I do know that this cat is probably a show cat and certainly a pedigree, purebred Maine Coon because Helmi photographs that sort of cat all the time, usually at cat shows.

    • yeah he/she looks like a classic Maine Coon you are right. I agree that he/she is really beautiful and special looking!

      Now we’ve got that straight we just need to know if she’s a boy or a girl – Michael, perhaps Helmi could tell you, assuming she remembers these things from when she takes the photos.

      • Well, I don’t 😉 LOL. I had hoped the name would help but, no. I think the name was chosen deliberately to hint that this Maine Coon might be male but is actually female. That’s my rather strange thought.

        I am yet to study Sarah’s article. I find genetics like this complicated.

        • If he/she was named when a bit older your theory works but if named as a kitten it wouldn’t work because no kitten looks big and mancatly until much bigger 🙂

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