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Traditional Doll Face Persian Cat — 7 Comments

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  2. Yes we as a group call ourselves Dollface breeders unite have contacted CFA asking to propose for a separate division within the current standard for the dollface type Persian. We were told CFA does not want the old type affiliated with the new standard type that we would have better luck to change the name to apply for a name change and NEW breed name. We were told if we like the look of the old type Persian we should breed the British long haired or Ragamuffin cats with the same desired look we like.

  3. As a child I grew up with the chinchilla and sivershaded persians. The often used the male as a stud. . .for a fee.or pick of yhe litter. We always stayed with the dollface. From my view point these standards in show have ruined many breeds by Inbreeding for various traits or equivalent for some particular characteristic of a judge. That being said and you might not agree! They are just plain ugly! I dont know about the temperment but if a human child was born with their nose in line with their eyes . .it would be called fetal alchol syndrome!! For gods sake its cruel to do that to an animal. Enough said, now that is off my chest..Ill curl up to my 20 year old female silvershaded sweetheart. ..and wish you all a good night. Just sumptin to think about.

    • Totally agree. It is crazy to breed cats that look that distorted. The doll face looks normal and it is more healthy. The flat-faced Persian is one of the biggest mistakes the cat fancy has made. The Persian has become less popular because of it, in my opinion.

  4. I have a beautiful white doll face Persian. She was not allowed to enter in the Persian category at the St Paul Cat Show in MN. I do not understand this! The doll face Persians are much prettier and my vet tells me I will have much less trouble with her.

    I entered her in the kitten division (newbee eaten alive by longtime showers) and walked away with three ribbons. How rewarding is that! I still am totally confused by this ruling.

    • Hi Christy. I guess you are referring to the CFA and other organisations running shows who only recognise the flat-faced Persian. For me and for other people, this is madness because the traditional Persian is so much better in appearance and health. But that is the cat fancy for you. I have campaigned for years to try and get the associations to revert back to the better cat. I am pleased your cat got some recognition in a different class. She must be gorgeous looking. Cristalline in Holland is a superb traditional white Persian.

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