Philippines Traditional Persian Tortoiseshell Cat

It is nice and unusual to be contacted by cat lovers and caretakers from countries other than those living in the West (essentially Europe and North America). On this occasion Marilen Alcebar from the Philippines contacted me about her cat. … please continue reading

Traditional Doll Face Persian Cat

The Traditional Doll Face Persian Cat is discussed with reference to a lot of fine photographs in a bumper slide show of large format images and the various cat association breed standards, focusing on the face. There is also a … please continue reading

Doll faced Queen cat Matahari at kitten age 8 months old

by Rudolph.A.Furtado (Mumbai) Doll faced persian kitten “Matahari” (29-2-2008). Photograph of doll-faced white Persian cat Matahari at 8 months old in February 2008.I had purchased her from Mumbai’s famous “Crawford market” at a cost of Rs 14,000 (Us $350 approx) … please continue reading