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  2. I had a beautiful

    I had a beautiful silver chinchilla persian in the 1960s and early 1970s. She was hit by a car at 13 years old. I was heartbroken.I’ve never found another like her, but I want to.

  3. What a beautiful cat Yeri was, but so sad that he died at an early age.

    For me, the original, traditional Persian will always be far more beautiful than the current extreme version. It’s not just that the traditional has a sweeter, more open face, but their body appears better proportioned too. Perhaps it’s the exaggerated fur length seen on the current Persian, but they look more short legged now than previously.

    • Completely agree with what you say about conformation and hair length. Yeri was a very special cat. He lived in the Netherlands with Dani. Dani was very attached to him. The traditional Persian also seems to have a shortened lifespan. I would have thought they had a more or less normal lifespan.

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