Tragic owner surrender story: 16-year-old kitty may be killed at any time at NC shelter

UPDATE: Phoebe was rescued May 14 by Purr Partners Feline Rescue. Hopefully, the page will post a few updates on her. Their Facebook page is here.

This is the story of Phoebe (AKA Kitty) the cat. Without your help, Phoebe may be killed at any time at the Davidson County, North Carolina Animal Shelter in Lexington because she’s not only an owner surrender, Phoebe is also 16 years old.

photo courtesy Friends of Davidson County Cats
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Yes, her family dumped Phoebe just when she needed them the most. Your help is needed to share her dilemma and to pledge toward a rescue with a spot open who can step up to save her life. Imagine how frightened she must be. Senior cats do NOT do well in a shelter environment. They get sick or they “shut down” and wait for death.

Phoebe was rescued Monday

The following was posted on the Friends of Davidson County Shelter Cats Facebook community page


***CRITICAL*** This 16 yr old senior came into the shelter as owner surrender. Kitty is in urgent need of IMMEDIATE rescue commitment or may be euthanized at any time.

If you are a 501c3 rescue and are interested in rescuing a cat, please forward your information (including vet references) to the rescue coordinator:

PLEASE NOTE: The shelter is FULL. Strays may be euthanized once their holds are up. Owner surrenders may be euthanized upon intake. Shelter is located in Lexington, NC.

Please share Phoebe to 501c3 rescues who are authorized to save cats from this kill shelter. She’s running out of time and may be killed. Pledges are being made that will go to the rescue, as a senior cat will likely need veterinary care just to ensure there are no unknown health conditions.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

9 thoughts on “Tragic owner surrender story: 16-year-old kitty may be killed at any time at NC shelter”

    • Tough words which I can fully understand. There are a lot of people like this though. There should be a law which only allows suitable people to look after cats.

  1. I hope someone dumps them in their old age. There is something precious about a senior cat. My home is their home. If I move they move. I am not their owner I am their guardian. I would move heaven and earth and a few mountains to re-home them if that was the only option. There are rescues that will take them if you pay up front. I have done that for a stray that had kittens in my yard. She was not even mine and I made her life my responsibility. Dumping your 16 year old cat is like leaving your mother on a park bench.

    • Well said and nicely expressed.

      “Dumping your 16 year old cat is like leaving your mother on a park bench.”

      That would make a nice title for an article.

      • “Dumping your 16 year old cat is like leaving your mother on a park bench.” I like that too! In fact I think Ill make a tshirt that says that. I just checked, and no update on Pheobe, altho there were pledges that should help, I hope she is still alive.

        • Nice idea. It would make a great T shirt. Let’s hope it works out for Pheobe. They often do when there is a lot of publicity.

          • The trouble is there are thousands of Pheobe’s. It would have been kinder to this senior cat to have her euthanized at a vet’s office with her people around her if getting rid of her was the only option. They took the cowards way out. Yeah because everyone wants a 16 year old cat that you know there are going to be medical issues to address. I hope she gets lucky and finds a warm human heart and a sunny window to pass her time away. Again sadly these people will be able to get a NEW family member. Makes me sick.

            • Good points as usual. It is strange or interesting too that articles about 16 year old surrendered cats about to be euthanized get lots of hits.

              • I notice that too — the most difficult challenges in rescue seem to bring out particularly strong response. Gives one hope! Purr Partners who saved this kitty are excellent & so is the friends group supporting the shelter. This story made my day!


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