Clinic and rescue staff bid a tearful farewell to Lucky the duct tape cat who brightened up their lives

Lucky's adopters

Nicole Palling has written a beautifully crafted eulogy to Lucky’s stay at ELM Cat Rescue (and I presume earlier of the Mountain Animal Clinic) until she was adopted. Nicole volunteers at the Mountain Animal Clinic and founded Every Life Matters … please continue reading

Immediate rescue needed for 23-year-old cat surrendered to North Carolina kill shelter

Update November 6 Pookie has been rescued by Tara Donations can be made to P.O. Box 711, Raeford, North Carolina 28376. PAYPAL ADDRESS IS INFO@TARARESCUE.ORG. Pookie was surrendered by his owner due to “allergies.” His freedom picture is below Rescue is … please continue reading

Starving and emaciated Russian Blue therapy cat reunited with mom after being stolen and dumped

Stevie a stolen and dumped Russian Blue therapy cat found and reunited with mom

Salem, Oregon, USA: In December 2017, a twelve-year-old Russian Blue therapy cat was stolen from Tammy Crowell who gets around in a wheelchair. The cat’s name is Stevie and he was stolen from Tammy’s apartment in Salem, Oregon. Tammy believes … please continue reading

Super tense kitten rescue from edge of fast track lane of freeway (video)

Kitten rescued from side of freeway

This is tense watching. It is also very sad and desperate. To think of this little kitten probably exhausted and paralysed by fear so near columns of fast moving traffic is distressing. The chances of survival are pretty well nil. … please continue reading

DIY cat re-homing should be first choice rather than using an animal shelter

DIY rehoming is better than using a shelter

If you have to re-home your cat try and do it yourself first before going to a shelter. And the vast majority of people who are looking to relinquish their cat really don’t want to. Matthew Bershadker, the president and … please continue reading