Can you keep a cat that you find in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a public place?

Legal ownership of a rescued cat

The answer to the question in the title might, under some circumstances, be tricky but I’m going to try and simplify it. If you find a cat that has CLEARLY been thrown away i.e. abandoned, in a cruel way because you find the cat in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a …

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Why should I avoid adopting a traumatized cat?

You shouldn’t avoid adopting a traumatised cat and the question in the title begs many more questions such as: Those are just some of the questions I would ask. There will be more. Sometimes shelter cats can be labelled traumatised not because they are traumatised but because they are currently living in a shelter …

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Amazing and heartwarming before and after pictures of a rescued cat

This is a "before and after" montage of a cat that was rescued from the street and then looked after. You can see the stark difference

I do not think that you will see a better before and after couple of pictures of a cat that was rescued from the street and then adopted by the rescuer. These events happen sometimes and as we can see in this montage, the cat was in a terribly messy way which must have …

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Online invitations to adopt a 40.3-pound grossly obese cat went viral. Good or bad?

Patches an obese cat at 40.3 pounds prior to adoption

NEWS AND COMMENT: I think that it is worthwhile discussing this story from the point of view of ethics. Something which perhaps would not occur to most people but I think it’s a valuable discussion in this instance. Here we have a grossly obese and large domestic cat that found himself at the Richmond …

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People lack a conscience when they abandon their cat. Always rehome.

One of the abandoned cats

I don’t know how people can abandon their cat either to a shelter or at the side of a road. Or perhaps they move home and leave their cat behind sometimes locked inside the home remarkably. These people cannot have a conscience. What is a conscience? Is a mental process in which you measure …

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Hungry cat outside appears to be abandoned but what should I do?

Abandoned cat? Not sure. Check for microchip and go from there

A kind person on the social media website has posted a question that has probably bothered many people. She is seeing a calico cat outside her apartment. The cat is out there for long periods meowing and is pretty obviously hungry. She is out there when it rains and at night. And during …

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Only remaining cat at a shelter is finally adopted through a novel veterinary program

Bell emerges from her hiding place in her enclosure

You may be familiar with Bell, a female ginger tabby, who in a video from the Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement Shelter is shown to be the last cat at the facility (see link below). Many readers of the story were heartbroken to see this timid female cat creeping out from under a …

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King Tut at Big Cat Rescue – Savannah Cat or Chausie?

King Tut at BCR. F1 Chausie or Savannah?

King Tut is a wild cat hybrid. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) have decided that King Tut is a Savannah cat but they weren’t sure and they still might not be sure because his appearance, to me, is not a classic high filial Savannah cat appearance. And King Tut looks a little bit like a …

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