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Two cat rescues to warm your heart at Christmas — 4 Comments

  1. To be honest…both stories are sweet and had a happy ending so to speak. It’s better than the alternative on an unhappy one. In the kitten who appeared to be immobile … she gave it extra time (which it wasn’t going to have). By doing this she did help the kitten.

  2. I love happy endings.

    But, I’m troubled by both stories really.

    If I had any say at all in Beepers outcome, I would have forbidden Megan to adopt. She, and others I guess, felt that this disbled kitten deserved to be killed. So what that she had to be hand fed or carried to the litter? As caretakers, it is our job to “fill in the blanks” with our cats in order to assure their lives have quality. Is it too much work to take them outside to feel the sun and smell the grass? Our laziness is an epidemic. I have and had many disabled cats whose lives have equalled any heathy cat imaginable.

    Mary, the dog, and her “mixed” litter are sweet and amusing. She is a wonderful mother. But, I have to wonder where they all will be after New Years in that county shelter.

    • Dee, I understand your argument but I’m not sure that you have this exactly right to be honest. I’m not sure that Beepers was or is disabled. Perhaps I’ve missed that point in the story but, as I understood it, this kitten was perhaps traumatised psychologically and that moment has passed and she should make a full recovery.

      I agree that although the video of the dog nursing her kittens is lovely, the bigger issue that you refer to is what will happen to them and why did it happen in the first place. I agree there are some very big issues and within that rather sorry tale is a very cute video but that should not divert us from the bigger issue.

      • Yes, Beepers recovered from whatever caused her dilemma. Then and, ONLY THEN, did Megan want to adopt her. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that Megan, as well as her former caretaker, felt that she needed to be killed when they viewed her as being so disabled that they couldn’t be bothered. It’s obvious that Megan didn’t want her in the debilitated state that she was in. Beepers deserves a much more compassionate caretaker, perhaps one with more understanding and experience to know that her emotional state is fragile even now.

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