Two domestic cats: best winter coat and best mane

Here are pictures of two cats. Having looked at thousands of cat photos I don’t think that you’ll see a better winter coat or a better mane on a domestic cat.

Winter coat

Best domestic cat winter cat coat?
Best domestic cat winter cat coat? Photo in public domain.
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The cat with the superb winter coat looks like a purebred Siberian. He’s a tabby cat. I don’t know the pedigree. He may be a ‘genuine’ Siberian barn cat living in Siberia. These are the purest purebreds because they come from the original stock as opposed to being selectively bred in another country.


Best domestic cat mane
Best domestic cat mane? Photo in public domain.

The cat with the amazing mane is a pointed cat. I don’t know his or her pedigree. She does not look like any pedigree cat that I am familiar with but no doubt in her lineage there is a pointed cat, perhaps a Burmese.

Best domestic cat mane?
Best domestic cat mane?

This statuesque cat adorns what appears to be an impressive looking room. I suspect therefore that the ‘owner’ likes nice looking things which includes their companion animal but that’s a wild guess.


Lion’s Mane

3 thoughts on “Two domestic cats: best winter coat and best mane”

  1. They are beautiful. Magnificent looking even, but I wonder how happy and healthy they are?

    The cat with the big mane reminds me of an internet cat from a while ago. That cat had a genetic anomaly that it was dubbed ‘werewolf’ something syndrome.

    Heart issues can be a feature of many of the larger breeds, such as the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and the Siberian. HCM can be screened for and the affected cats can be neutered so as to avoid the condition perpetuating.


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