Upturning the laws of nature: cat chases coyote

Cat chases coyote in parking lot
Cat chases coyote in parking lot. Turning the law of nature on its head. Screenshot
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I suspect that this is a young, inexperienced coyote who has not learned the ropes. He’ll learn that he can attack and kill a domestic or feral cat with a high degree of success.

Coyotes are a major reason why cat owners in North America keep their domestic cat companions inside the home full-time. Coyotes successfully attack feral and outdoor domestic cats across North America because they are a ready source of food (see the articles below). They don’t always succeed but the success rate I would predict is quite high, perhaps as high as 80%. And coyotes are very adaptable and resourceful. In some parts of America there is a feral cat problem and I suspect that in these areas the coyotes enjoy a ready meal. They are quite commonplace in the urban environment and quite bold it seems to me. They have become habituated to living in and around human settlements and accept the presence of people. They are not fearful of people or that is what it looks like to an outsider.

In Europe, domestic cats are not preyed upon by larger predators but in America it is a completely different story which is why you will find a far higher percentage of full-time indoor domestic cats in North America than in Europe although the difference is narrowing because of increased urbanisation and the greater chance of a cat being killed by road traffic. And there’s also a greater concern about animal welfare nowadays. Back in the old days, say over 100 years ago, nearly all domestic cats were free roaming. And there was no commercial cat food or cat litter trays et cetera. Times have changed, and there is an awakening to animal welfare whereby cat owners become more protective. In keeping cats indoors, it also protects wildlife which is another, parallel, issue of far more concern nowadays than 100 years ago.


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