Warrior Cat and the Turning of the Tide

Warrior Cat and the Turning of the Tide

by Michael ©Michael.B.
(Brave New World)

Miss Kate - AKA BrightStar - photo strictly copyright Helmi Flick

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Miss Kate - AKA BrightStar - photo strictly copyright Helmi Flick

This is a continuation of the Warrior cat story, which starts here.

BrightStar had been in a deep sleep. She had dreamed of the Warrior Knight. He had made his mark on her. In her dream he had stood silhouetted against the full moon. He seemed very tall and very proud. Blood was dripping from his mouth. He was laughing and speaking in the tongue and manner of a Twolegs alpha male. In her dream she felt he was rich and dangerous. She was repulsed and attracted in the same instant. The Warrior Knight had morphed into that most obnoxious of all humans, the greedy investment manager. The alpha male amongst Twolegs who proclaimed that he was doing it for you, making your life better, but was in fact stealing from you. She woke.

BrightStar's dream had become a reality or almost. The Warrior Knight was standing tall amongst the awoken clan leaders. They had been sleepy but had awoken sharply and were now fully alert. She saw the congealing blood of this perfect cat ooze from his side and stain his beautiful coat. She winced. She was excited and concerned. She didn't see RazorClaw, dead, beside him; she only saw him.

She felt an instinctive urge to go to him, but stopped. Caution ruled her life. She was angry with herself. "May caution be for ever damned", she thought to herself. It had given her a half life. A life not befitting her. She deserved it all. She deserved the best, the Warrior Knight.

She wrestled with herself once more. As sure as the Warrior Knight had seized his moment she would seize hers. They were made for each other. Both, in their way, spoke the same language of truth and desire. She had already learned this from the Warrior Knight; that fleeting moments come in a life that will never ever come again. They must be seized or for ever accept a half life. She approached the great leader to be.

"You have come to save us. I have come to save you from yourself. Forgive me if I speak out of turn. First, let me help you heal your wound."

Her voice was pure honey. Her demeanor was seductive silk. The voice of a perfectly parented purebred cat. She had the carriage and bearing of a young female Twolegs who had been sent to finishing school in Switzerland. This she owed to the Twolegs who had bred her. They were good people for sure. They had turned her into a champion show cat. This was a testament to her appearance and balanced character.

She had lived the good life but it had been a false life and she had abandoned it for the wild of the forest and the clans of the Warrior cats. This for her was the real life, a life of truth, but she stood out. Only one of the others were purebred and none, absolutely none approached her appearance, ablaze with the finest of fur boldly patterned in black and white. Sometimes she told herself that she felt like a rich socialite from Twolegs' world dressed in the finest Christian Dior dress. She both loved it for its stunning appearance and hated it as the product of the aesthetics of Twolegs' world.

Warrior Knight had forgotten the pain. He had moved on as a true warrior should and must. On hearing Brightstar the pain returned. "Thank you, BrightStar", he said politely. "That is most kind of you. I was beginning to think that I had made enemies of all here."

"No, replied", BrightStar. "They are fearful of two things, the future and you. Be patient, warrior Knight, be patient, and you will change our world and the world for ever and I will remain by your side in your journey to a better world".

The pain in Warrior Knight's side disappeared. His heart was warm. His life in an instant was full and complete. It was a rare fleeting moment in life when a convergence of circumstances merge into one and which will never be seen or repeated again. A moment he recognized and for that reason enjoyed all the more. How could he make it better? In only one way, by dedicating his life to improving the lives of the Warrior cats and all the world's cats. To turn the tide of cruelty and mismanagement perpetrated by twolegs. He knew that the world of the domestic cat was not as it seemed. Twolegs deceived himself. He knew he had to follow the way of truth and strive to allow domestic cats be what they are truly are.

BrightStar had cleaned his wound and coat. His was the coat of a wild cat, hers the coat of a created cat. Created in the style loved and admired by Twolegs. She found the sight of the burnished brown and gold of his coat and the scent of his skin touched her deeply. She rubbed the side of her head against his. They had exchanged scent and became more comfortable together.

Warrior Knight declared to the Clan leaders surrounding him, "It is time to rest, there is much more to discuss. It is not enough to have a fine vision. I need your help and advice on how to achieve it. We must work together. Tomorrow is another day. WhiteFace, I would ask you please to call another meeting in the great chamber on the next full moon. WhiteFace nodded in agreement. The tide was turning in Warrior Knight's favor......

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Jul 31, 2008
Keep it up
by: Anonymous

Looking forward to seeing the relationship develop. How is he going to lead the Warrior Cats to a new world?

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