We Rescued a Cat That Looks Like a Siamese

We Rescued a Cat That Looks Like a Siamese



We found Luna a year ago, on the street and starving. We brought her home in order to find her a permanent home. We ended up keeping her.

She is the only female cat I have ever owned and has made a nice addition to our family. We also have two male cats that are long standing family members.

Hi.... thanks for visiting and asking. As first glance Luna looks like a Snowshoe cat that has been deliberately bred and which did not turn out to type (appearance) well enough for the breeder to keep and sell and so abandoned her.

Snowshoe cat
Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

Now that is complete speculation so please don't count on it but I think that it is a fair assessment.

Luna has a traditional Siamese appearance but with white spotting on the paws and face, which has masked the usual Siamese points. This is exactly what happens in the Snowshoe cat.

The white masking is effected by the white spotting gene imported from a bicolor cat.

OK that's my assessment for what it is worth!

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We Rescued a Cat That Looks Like a Siamese to Siamese Cats

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We Rescued a Cat That Looks Like a Siamese

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Jul 29, 2010
pointed & white DSHs
by: Cheri

I think the lovely Luna is probably not a product of a controlled breeding program but a random bred Chocolate Point with White Domestic Shorthair. The colorpoint gene has been widely spread throughout the regular moggy population, and there are many pointed DSHs. (They probably do have some Siamese in them since that coat color pattern had not been seen in the West before the first Siamese were brought from Siam/ Thailand. But it may be many many generations back on both sides.)
And the white spotting factor is certainly VERY common among moggies. She does not really have the conformation of a Snowshoe in other ways, for example ears are too small, and it just seems more likely that this is a random bred cat than a cat that some hypothetical Snowshoe breeder abandoned because her markings didn't turn out right.

If you look on the Siamese Rescue pages you can see many examples of cats with both the colorpoint and white spotting genes, that SR labels as Snowshoe - far more than seems possible would be the product of the very small number of Snowshoe breeders.

Anyway, Luna is a beautiful girl and I'm glad she found such a good home.

May 04, 2010
Thank you, Finn Frode.
by: Dawn C.

Finn, Hello. I think you are right. Luna is beautiful and she is very special regardless of her breed. I am going to try to find a place on the site to post pictures of our two beautiful boys as well.
I'm wondering where and how to find pictures of your feline loved ones. Im very new to the site. It seems very user friendly but I am still learning. LOL.
Columbus Ohio

May 04, 2010
Blue eyed Luna
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Dawn. No matter whether she is a Siamese mix or a non-pedigree Snowshoe, you found a very special looking cat. So elegant - and those blue eyes are just fantastic.
You're probably right that she had not been on the street for long when you found her - and what luck you did. I'm sure she too appreciates having found a home.
While the little snip that male cats undergo when they are neutered changes their personality into the more kittenlike, spayed females do not change nearly as much from their much more serious operation. Except for not going into heat anymore (which is the reason for their spraying) they very much behave like unspayed cats. I think the reason your Luna dominates the two boys is that she has the mind of a grown cat while they are still kids.
And yes, you are right. Michael has created a wonderful forum here. And a good, positive story like Luna's makes it even more enjoyable. 😉

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May 02, 2010
by: Dawn

Thank you. I have never heard of a Snowshoe cat until now. It is an interesting viewpoint. The area we found Luna in is a very impoverished and seems to be an environment very unfriendly to cats. We have rescued several injured cats from the area throughout the years. It is very sad to see the harm that comes to these cats. One cat actually had a tail that had been cut off. I think Luna had only been on the street several days at the most due to her relatively clean coat and lack of fleas or ear mites as well as my daughter befriending her and coaxing her within inches of her in the matter of less than an hour. Luna was very, very hungry and thirsty. We found it very odd that Luna seemed unsure at first how she should use a bowl to drink water out of. I have learned a thing or two from Luna. i had no idea female cats sprayed. This stopped instantly when we got her fixed. It is interesting the vast difference in the aftereffects of the surgery foe male and female cat. It seemed to be much more painful for Luna and recovery time longer,than the male cats which after thing about it makes perfect sense. Luna is a beautiful cat and Im so glad we have her. She seems to have no interest in going outdoors and is so very gentle and intelligent. Gentle to the humans in our family but rough with the two male cats. Though Luna is the newest of the cats, she in a very short time changed the dynamics of the family and continues to rule the two boys that are so much larger than her but just seem to take it as natural order of things. Thank you so much for sharing your views on Luna and allowing everyone a forum to share theirs in this wonderful forum you have created...

May 01, 2010
A Post Script
by: Michael

There is one other possibility. Luna may be a Seychellois type or purebred.

Seychellois cat

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