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  1. Live in Fairfield california between San Francisco and Sacramento. Looking to adopt a young female or kitten snow shoe cat with white muzzle, white chest, four white paws and blue eyes.

    • I wish you the best of luck in your mission. There are breeders and perhaps some will ship their cats although it is important to visit the cattery to check for quality. Have you tried searching for local breeders?

      • I am checking everywhere – 14 years ago I rescued a small brown baby that turned into the most beautiful snow shoe I have ever seen. We had to put him down he was ill and we could not stand to see him suffer. Now we want another – we know we can never replace him, but we would like another snowshoe.

  2. I took in a little kitten when she was 4-5 weeks old. I bottle fed her and now she is almost a year old. Here is a pic of her. I think she is a snowshoe or at least has some in her. What do you think??

    • Hi Tonya. Your cat is a Seychellois cat in appearance or as you say a Snowshoe that is not quite right. The Seychellois is normally “modern” in appearance (slender) so you cat is a traditional shaped Seychellois. She may be a Siamese Mix (one removed from a Siamese) or a Siamese that is not to type (meaning the breeding did not work out) or a random bred Siamese cat.

      Of all these she looks most like a Snowshoe that is not slender enough (for the American market) and the white patches are not quite right or the rare Seychellois (a European cat breed). But there is a lot of overlap between these breeds. There are a lot of cats in the Siamese family of cats.

      • I guess I should have told you this. She was the only one this color. She had 2 sisters who were calico and one brother who was an orange tabby. We have no idea what the mother or father looks like. They were abandoned. I know kittens can have different fathers so I am assuming her father was a snowshoe, a Seychellois, or part Siamese. She is a very unique cat and she hates little kids except for mine. We just love her!!! I just happened across your page and thought I would see what you thought. Thanks for your help!

        • She has a purebred mix appearance meaning one removed from purebred but the whole subject of cat breeds is very complicated which means that many breeds started as random bred cats. These foundation cats are still out there.

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  4. I was given a kitten by a coworker He look like a snowshoe, or siamese,not sure which one. His name is nala, long story behind his name. He has the color of siamese, blue eyes,black tail and ears look like he’s siamese, but has 4 white paw, and a white spot on his chin. Could you help me to determine which breed he is. His mom was a black cat, dad was a black and white cat. He was the only one in the litter turned out the way he did. I’m confused, don’t know whether do called him siamese,or snowshoe.

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