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Were Mother Cat And Her Kittens Deliberately Set On Fire? — 6 Comments

  1. PLEASE contact In Defense of Animals immediately. They will be able to help you lead the way in getting this man charged. They have a wonderful track record and area a group of pioneering attorneys in the field of abuse.

  2. That creature is a despicable piece of filth! I don’t care for dogs at all, and we have neighbors who walk their mutts as far as our house (on a corner) let them make their “deposit”, then go back home; they let their mutts run loose and wreck trash cans, scare kids and other things, but I have never even THOUGHT of doing anything to them as sick as this bastard did to those poor kitties. What he did goes BEYOND evil and someone should make him pay for what he did. Knowing the law, it will just fine him $100.00 of 10 days in jail. I think the neighbors should lure him out of his house, douse him with a mix of naval jelly and gasoline, and set HIM fire!

  3. He did it. I know all about cat’s behavior in the wild and when they see a fire, they run for their lives, of course taking their kittens with them. That man did it on purpose.

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