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What Are the Signs of an Inbred Cat? — 21 Comments

  1. I just got a tuxedo kitten the dad is the mothers,brother. She is about 16- 18 weeks old, I’ve noticed that she kinda sways, almost like she has been drinking. Normally she going 100 mph 24/7 tonight she’s just withdrawn all of a sudden she’ll start screaming.

    • Thank you for commenting. I strongly suspect that your kitten is very ill. I would implore you to take her to a veterinarian as soon as possible, please. Good luck to both of you.

  2. I’m reading this article to see if any other inbreded cat owners are having the same problems as mine.he is severely underweight i can feel his bones but he eats all the time.most of his teeth have come out and he sleeps all the time and really has no interest in making friends with the other cats in the household.and he also never has solid poops. Not to be so graphic.
    With all that said,the First thing i tell the very is that i refuse to put him down.it’s not an option. The has been close to death 3 times and each time right when i think this is it…he bounces back like Gotcha! he has picked me as his human and as much as i show my love he shows his.he acts like my guard dog.i was on the floor playing with my Pitt bull acting like i was hurt when out of nowhere here he comes flying off the couch.he sleeps in the crook of my arm every night and that’s my favorite.do others Havre the same qualities??

    • I just came back from the vet with my inbred little dude. He’s very sick and the problems are getting exponentially worse as the months go on. It started with diarrhea in September when we discovered his heart was enlarged. Then he started spraying and peeing everywhere after we put him on the i/d prescription diet for the diarrhea, which he did NOT like. Today we found out he has developed a heart murmur in the last two months, there’s a mass in his abdomen, and he’s having trouble pooping now. We have an appointment Friday for an ultrasound, they’re concerned the mass is cancer and they need to know if the heart problem is treatable. It could go either way at this point, with his problems being easily treatable or we’re looking at palliative care. It breaks my heart.

      My little guy has lost a significant amount of weight the last couple months and he wasn’t big to begin with, his teeth are terrible, he’s always struggled with loose stool, he doesn’t clean himself so always stinks (think Pigpen from Charlie Brown), and is very, very sensitive/nervous. Any change in the household sets him in a downward spiral. He lost the genetic lottery, sadly, and even though he’s only 8-10 years old, he probably doesn’t have many years left.

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  4. This is horrible. We think my cat may be inbred. He was born on June 2nd, his mother abandoned him in a pile of black sand. We think he’s an inbred due to him always being in pain, we can’t pick him up because he cries all the time. We don’t have the money to take him to the vet and my mother thinks he’s an inbred and that his muscles aren’t developed as much as they should be.

    • Jasper, if you can afford it, it would make sense to have him checked out by a vet. There may be a simple explanation. It certainly sounds like he is in pain. Please have him checked out and thanks for commenting.

  5. This is really sad because my husband and I are dealing with a Persian cat that we purchased, we’ve always adopted, and he is 6 months old and is having liver dysfunctions. Our vet suggested he was inbred because of his poor health and the breeder denied him ever being sick. The vet told us he was born with a liver disease and the breeder would have definitely known. He’s pooping blood 15 times a day and we’ve been to the vet more times than I have with my 8 year old dog, we’ve been to specialists and it’s like pulling teeth to fix our baby kitten. He’s supposed to have a stint put in his liver and a few other things, but they just keep running tests. I feel sorry for the cats that people abandon because of their health problems. We would never be able to do that because it’s not their fault they are not well.
    I posted a picture of our handsome boy before his symptoms got worse.

    • Thank you for commenting, Kristen. I’m sorry to hear about your person cat. In my opinion both Persians and Siamese cats are the worst in respect of inbreeding. They are also two of the longest members of the cat fancy. Breeders have had longer to have had their way with these cats in terms of selective breeding. It is said that about 35% of Persians of polycystic kidney disease as well. We don’t see the number of Persian cats which have been badly bred and which have anatomical defects such as oversized eyes and undershot jaws etc.

    • My emergency vet wanted to do the same and said the same thing about my cat(pictured above).i came home one day and the was glowing bright yellow.they told me it would be around $1200.otherwise send him home with antibiotics and the he would most likely die..
      They even went as fear as printing it in the discharge papers.i cried all night.but the next day he literally pepped up like nothing was wrong.so don’t give up on your baby. he’s fighting for something out just might be for you.my cat sleeps all day and has the same litter box problems and bad teeth problems you mentioned.and my cat is 8yrs.old.i just wanted to give you some encouragement.

  6. Those poor babies. So heartbreaking! It should be illegal. Humans don’t do it with each other and shouldn’t do it to animals.

    • Agreed. It should be illegal. How we can let this happen is beyond me. I just shows how little humanity cares about animal welfare. Thankfully there are many people who do care but our voices are not strong enough.

      • No one applying for a commercial kennel license has to have one shred of knowledge about breeding beyond being able to obtain intact male and female animals. The USDA requires that puppy mills have a vet on staff or on call but what kind of veterinarian of any worth would work for a puppy mill or any mass production breeding operation except bottom feeders.

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