Sport hunting of African lions has weakened them by restricting their genetic diversity

Lion roar

A study lead by a conservation biologist at the Zoological Society of London, Simon Dures, has produced compelling but not conclusive evidence that sport hunting of African lions has made them physically less strong than they were 100 years ago … please continue reading

Rapaport complains bitterly about the removal of his famous cat video

Rapaport complains about the removal of his famous cat video

Instagram have removed Michael Rapaport’s video commentary on Wilfred the inbred Persian and he is livid. Wilfred has taken the internet by storm. Strange looking cats do. But there is a moral dimension which Rapaport missed. Rapaport, in his effing … please continue reading

What Are the Signs of an Inbred Cat?

Penelope- inbred Persian dumped at cat shelter

Cat inbreeding causes what is described as “inbreeding depression” which is another term for general weakness. Robinson’s Genetics for Breeders and Veterinarians provides a list of signs of inbreeding depression which are as follows: There may be a decline in … please continue reading

Why Are White Lion Cubs So Popular?

The white lion cub and the white tiger cub are often the major attractions at zoos. You’ll have to go to a zoo to see one because they don’t occur in the wild anymore. They occur at zoos such as … please continue reading