What cat breed is Beluga?

Beluga is not a breed of cat. Beluga is a random-bred cat i.e. a moggy. Although I sense that it is immaterial to the man who created Beluga as to whether he is a breed of cat or not. It is hard to talk about Beluga because he is fictional, first and foremost, and I guess the man who created the Beluga YouTube channel simply chose a moggy to represent his channel. It’s entirely incidental as to what the cat looks like. Yes, Beluga is the face of a YouTube channel and he pops up in the videos routinely.


Beluga. Screenshot from YouTube channel.

Turkish Van type and white-spotting gene

As it happens, Beluga looks a bit like a Turkish Van which is a purebred cat originating in Turkey but Beluga is not a Turkish Van. It is just that he has a dark patch of fur on his head with the rest of his body being mainly white (bicolor) and this is typical of a Turkish Van cat. Beluga probably has some genes that go right back to the Turkish Van, near Lake Van, from probably thousands of years ago. Although it is a very typical coat type for Mediterranean cats. You see lots of stray cats with this kind of coat type in warm climates.

Beluga’s coat markings are due to the white-spotting gene which has a variable impact as to how much white is in the coat. Beluga had lots of white fur and this would be described as a grade 8 white-spotting. The white-spotting gene or piebald gene, in effect, remove the pigment melanin from the hair strands which leaves the hair strand transparent but when they are bundled together, they look white.

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YouTube channel success but not on TikTok or Instagram

Having described Beluga, an entirely fictional, photo-edited cat, perhaps a more interesting aspect of their story is the YouTube channel which has 8.37 million subscribers, at the date of this post, and they were acquired quickly. The remarkable feature of this channel is that the videos are very peculiar to a normal person like me. They are almost unintelligible. I don’t understand them. They are funky and different, yes. But I don’t know what the message is, if there is a message at all (there probably isn’t).

Beluga cat with his creator on Instagram

Beluga cat with his creator on Instagram. Image: Instagram.

They’re probably simply designed to entertain. But let’s be a little bit critical about this. The same man (and I presume a man is behind the channel) also has Instagram and TikTok pages. He does not have success on Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram he has 170 followers which is next to nothing and on TikTok he has 195 followers. On the latter social media website, he has five videos with very few views. For example, his latest video has 138 views.

His latest Instagram creation has 14 likes. He is simply unsuccessful on these two social media websites. He is uniquely successful on YouTube. It seems that momentum developed and it became fashionable to sign up to his videos. I would predict that his channel will fade as quickly as it achieved fame.

His latest video is called “When you outsmart the doctor”. It has achieved 1.4 million views in one day which is very successful indeed. You can see it above. I watched the first minute of it and that’s enough for me. I find it completely unintelligible, but I’m missing the point. Can somebody please tell me what it’s about? I would welcome a comment.

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