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What does felis catus mean? — 4 Comments

  1. It appears that you’re as bad at Latin (I studied Latin for 4 years) and taxonomy of species, as you are at general science, biology, ecology, statistics, and law. But why should that ever stop you from incessantly making a global public fool of yourself. Carry on …

      • Without giving you the instant benefit of 4 years of study for free, let’s just leave it at this: If you haven’t studied these topics and earned a valid degree in them, don’t pretend to know any of them as if you are some expert in the field. You are only making yourself out to be a total fool, and everyone in the world who knows more than you can instantly discern this about you.

        The layman’s definition of “moron”: “Someone who is too stupid to even realize that they are that stupid, so they just keep proving to the world that they are a total moron.”

        (Often summed-up in the concise saying and sage advice of, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”)

        Can you relate? I bet you can, if you could really think that deeply about it. I won’t hold my breath in hoping you can even think that deeply.

        Hint: Stick to just posting photos of “kewt-kittys”. Anything beyond that reveals you for what you truly are.

        • I have made my point. You can’t correct it because it is correct and sound. You are the fool. You are also a troll and I have given you more than enough air time. BBB. Don’t respond as it will neither be read nor published. P.S. studying Latin for 4 years (if that is true which is unlikely) does not make you an Latin scholar. Millions of kids study French at school for years and can’t speak word of it.

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