Small wild cat species common names and scientific names plus lineage and location


Here is a complete list of wild cat species common names and their alternative scientific names which are always in Latin. I think you will find that there is potential for disagreement over the number of small wild cat species due to continuing discussions about taxonomy. Lineage Scientific name Common name Geographic location Bay …

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Leave alone found small wild cat kittens and don’t try and turn them into domestic cats

Bobcat kittens

Very occasionally, you can read a story on the Internet about a person finding a wild cat kitten (cub). In America, this might more typically be a bobcat kitten. It might appear to the person that the kitten’s mother has abandoned her offspring. She takes in the kitten because she wants to do the …

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Are small wild cats and the domestic cat scavengers?

Domestic cats can be scavengers and it is probably correct to say that this applies to all small wild cat species as well.

Yes, for all the above is probably the answer. We know that domestic cats are scavengers because all their life they eat ‘dead’ animals in the commercially prepared food that we give them. Domestic cats allowed outside sometimes catch and eat live animals. Not all do. My cat can go from killing and eating …

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A human would have to eat 28 dinners at one sitting to match the Andean cat

The human equivalent of an Andean cat meal at one sitting

The Andean Mountain cat eats the human equivalent of 30 pounds of food at one sitting. A human eating a normal meal would have to eat 28 standard meals at one sitting to match the appetite and eating abilities of the Andean cat. Yes, I know some people eat enormous meals but even those …

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How many kinds (species) of small cats are there?

Taxonomy of the wild cat species

In the question above, which concerns the small wild cat species, we need to include the domestic cat. Taxonomists – scientists who like to classify species – include the domestic cat in their list of small wild cat species because the domestic cat is wild at heart being very similar, in fact fundamentally identical, …

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Small wild cat species can have an impact on vegetation

Small wild cats have an indirect impact on their habitat hence the vegetation.

The small wild cat species can influence the vegetation in their habitat. It’s a chain of events and the influence of the presence of the cat is indirect. Biodiversity: predators of any kind have been repeatedly shown to maintain higher community biodiversity. Without predators ecosystems have reduced biodiversity. Ecosystems are dominated by the strongest …

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