The story of the new taxonomic classification of the ‘clouded tiger-cat’

Fictional representation of a new subspecies of Oncilla called the 'clouded tiger-cat'

The experts have concluded after careful analysis that there is a new subspecies of Oncilla on the planet and they’ve called it the ‘clouded tiger-cat’. This story is about the reclassification taxonomically of an existing species of small wild cat so that it has been ‘carved out’ of an existing classification when it was …

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The difference between ‘cat breeds’ and ‘cat species’

Difference between breeds and species

It might be useful to quickly go over the difference between ‘cat breeds’ and ‘cat species’. It’s quite as subtle difference but a very important one. In 1758 the modern idea of classifying all the world’s animals and plants began. Humans like to create some order in the world (I am afraid they’ve failed …

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Fisher cat: dog-like carnivore that’s called a cat and is an omnivore that does not eat fish!

Fisher cat

The fisher cat is a dog-like carnivore that’s called a cat and which is an omnivore. Nothing makes sense. Logic has been turned on its head. The problem is that the fisher cat has been badly named and there is a very good argument to reconsider it. Taxonomically, i.e. its scientific classification among all …

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Cats, dogs, horses and cattle are able to crossbreed but birds, fish and reptiles seemingly cannot. Why?

The litigon Cubanacan

The problem with this question is that it is badly formulated. Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense which means it is difficult to answer. If it was well formulated it would still be difficult to answer (for me at least) 😉. I’ll have a stab at it. But it will be an overview. Above: …

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What’s the difference between a cat breed and a cat species?

Chart showing one cat species the domestic cat from which all the cat breeds have been carved

There is a major difference between ‘breed’ and ‘species’. The domestic cat is a species of cat and in the family of cats is called Felidae. There are about 36 species of cat, all of which are wild except for the domestic cat, which is a domesticated African-Asian wildcat. A cat breed is a …

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