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Wild Cat Species By Size — 6 Comments

      • It doesn’t “suck” at all, Michael: Excellent article, informative spreadsheets, and the Rusty-Spotted Cat pic is bloody adorable!

        Also worth noting is you responded to a comment on a decade-old post within 2 hours – That alone shows a level of dedication rarely encountered online these days. Well done, Sir.

        I’ll be back when my holiday schedule relents to check out some of your other interesting-looking content and I’m making a point of turning off my AdBlocking software when I do.


        • Thanks for the comment and thanks for turning off the ad blocker. That I think is a very important point. Websites such as mine, independent websites run by a single person normally, rely on advertising revenue to at least make some money to cover the costs of the website. Also, this website has given away thousands of pounds over the years in charitable donations. So, yes, advertising has value and I think there should be no such thing as an ad blocker. Even the big corporate websites such as the news media websites need advertising revenue. A lot of them are struggling to survive and there is now a change in attitude to charging people to visit online news media website for that reason.

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