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  1. 1. You smile and totally accept it as part of the possibilities of day to day living with a domestic cat or

    I don’t smile but wonder why it vomited and try to find out which cat is involved, not always easy when there are several. I need to know which one in order to see if it needs any treatment. This is quite a rare event, and usually is because of over-eating. It’s when a cat vomits liquid without food in it that something is more serious.

    • I agree – if anything its a little worrying depending on the specifics – but anger doesn’t even cross my mind or range of emotions.

      • Thanks Marc. I agree with you. Cat vomiting can be “normal” unless it continues routinely. My reference in the article is to “normal” vomiting that has no health issues but the wider point is this: does certain aspects of your cat’s behavior irritate you? If so is their an attitude problem? Here is a page on cat vomiting:


    • Nice point. Of course you are in a rare situation with a number of cats but, yes, you need to make sure the vomiting is normal cat behavior or whether it is the symptom of an illness.

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